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Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite
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  • Updated:Jun 26, 2022
    Size:147.5 MB
    Developer:RobTop Games
  • Updated:Jun 13, 2022
    Size:69 MB
    Developer:RobTop Games

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Edit Notes for Geometry Dash Lite


"Geometry Dash" is an arcade-style evasion game launched by RobTop Games. Currently, Geometry Dash Lite is a simplified version of the game, which is ranked 54th on the top free games list on the app store.

Geometry Dash Lite is a very interesting and fun game. In a colorful world full of technological elements, players need to master every silly geometric feature and hide in the side-scrolling world. You should overcome obstacles through various obstacles, and pass through various methods such as leaping, running, and carrying aircraft, allowing you to have more novel gaming experience.

Game Feature

1. The game provides players with a very rich selection of protagonist shapes. When we challenge, we will get energy points. As long as there are enough energy points, we can unlock various shapes of blocks.

2. The game is presented in a horizontal 2D screen, and the background is a pixel world. What players have to do is to control the pixel blocks to move forward on this road full of obstacles and traps, and avoid various dangers by jumping.

3. The game adopts the level challenge mode. Players need to complete the previous level before entering the next level. If the block encounters an obstacle by accidental error in the level, they can only restart from the front of the level.

Game Highlights

1. Use practice mode to improve your skills.

2. There are a lot of achievements can be unlocked.

3. Challenge yourself to complete almost impossible tasks, unlock new icons and colors, and personalize characters.

4. Use the level editor to build and share your own levels.


1. Fun and Recreation: It is not the intention of the producers to force users to do their best to master and win the game. The rhythm is easy to feel and follow. Gameplay is also simple. No skilled or complex movements are required. All you need is to be careful.

2. Challenge: In the offline version, you will face 21 levels of varying difficulty, but when you connect to the online version, there are more levels created by other players. This feature makes the game more diverse to attract users who are eager to win.

3. Variety of outfits and looks: To make players even more excited, the developers allow people to purchase new costumes and designs in-game through the collected orbs. After acquiring these items, you can choose and customize your character to give it a new look.


Gamers love to conquer or master their favorite games. When the game is difficult, players need to spend more time. Often, they will play again and again until they pass a difficult level or stage. If you can't control your thoughts and feelings, you're deep into this game.

Game Review

The picture is simple and clear, and the game is full of various geometric patterns. Players can click on the screen to let the blocks avoid various geometric shapes and move forward, and finally reach the end point. Although it sounds very simple, it has a strong test for the player's reaction. The player's desire to win will be expressed through actions such as jumping, flying, flipping, crossing, and leaping.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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