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Plants vs. Zombies FREE
Plants vs. Zombies FREE
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Plants vs. Zombies is a puzzle strategy game developed by PopCap Games and is the first installment of the Plants vs. Zombies series. It was released on May 5, 2009. The game on the PC at the same time there are ordinary version, annual version, the Great Wall version, the Western version and other versions. Players switch different functions by arming a variety of plants to quickly and effectively block zombies from invading the road.


Each type of zombie has different characteristics, such as the barrel zombie has a strong resistance to hit, the miner zombie can dig tunnels to bypass the plants planted on the soil surface, etc. Each of the 49 types of plants has a different function, such as cherry bombs that can kill all the zombies within a certain range, and man-eating flowers that can eat the closest zombie to them. Players can reasonably plant plants for different zombies' weaknesses, which is the trick to win. The game is divided into five game modes depending on the gameplay: adventure mode, mini mode, puzzle mode, survival mode, and Zen Garden. Adding obstacles such as darkness, rooftops, fog and swimming pool increase its challenge.


Game Feature

1. There are more than 50 adventure mode levels and a variety of scenes.

2. There are 49 kinds of powerful and different plants, and you can collect coins to buy a variety of optional props such as pet snails.

3. Plant a variety of different types of plants to play the maximum power of the division of labor.


Game Highlights

1. There are a variety of zombies and many different types zombies.

2. The blood and ability of different zombies is also different, so players in the combination of plants to match the zombie species to match.

3. There are some rich gameplay, especially the game in the level mode is waiting for players to experience the game.



1. Novel map level production, which gives players a different combat experience.

2. Humanized icon and card collection system with rich and diverse gameplay.

3. Rich and flexible leveling gameplay, and you can collect stars to unlock more plant characters.

4. Carefully reset the level, use these tactics to defend against the zombie attack.



The only change in the Plants vs. Zombies is the constant updating of the plants and the ever-stronger zombies. This is too monotonous compared to other games with many different patterns and modes, and after a period of time, players are easily tired of the game and lack novelty.


Game Review

Plants vs. Zombies integrates tower defense, real-time strategy and card collection.This game requires players to have both the wisdom of the brain and the reaction of the brain. After having the right strategic idea, the strategy has to be realized through tactics. The range of tactics includes a wide range, the matching of plants, the formation during the battle. The right tactics is the key to victory for players in battle, and choosing the right tactics requires analyzing the situation before making a decision. Then improve the level of tactics is also to improve the ability to analyze the situation. Here I recommend Plants vs. Zombies to all players, if you are interested in this game, you can come and enjoy it!

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