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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
  • Updated:Jan 8, 2024
    Size:158.5 MB
    Developer:Electronic Arts
  • Updated:Jan 19, 2024
    Size:Varies with device
    Developer:Electronic Arts

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Edit Notes for NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball


Want to take the court with world-class basketball stars? Have you ever fantasized about creating your own team and customizing your roster to start your basketball legend? If so, then all of these dreams will be fulfilled in this next game. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, provided by ELECTRONIC ARTS and released on July 5, 2016, is a basketball-themed sports casual competitive multiplayer game in which players will experience a realistic basketball experience based on the national basketball association. Based on real stats from professional leagues, players will be allowed to redeem for a variety of current and former basketball superstars to build their own dream teams that can sweep through real-time tournaments and competitive matchups with real players. As you can see, if you are an avid basketball fan with a passion for competitive sports games, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball will satisfy all your cravings.

What makes NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball stand out from other basketball games of its kind is that it manages to achieve an absolute approximation of real NBA visuals and motion fluidity. Full three-dimensional game elements and virtual characters and courts based on real-life courts and famous players make the game feel like real basketball matches as soon as players open the game. At the same time, the all-round upgraded interface and stereo surround and realistic audio effects as well as real-time updates of collectible players allow players to be fully engaged in the exciting competitive rivalry.

Not only that, but players can view the hexagonal spreadsheet of all NBA players in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball to form a powerful team to conquer any casual or tournament matchup. Meanwhile, you can also compete with players around the world in PVP mode and win matches to improve your team’s ranking.


Game Features

1. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball’s three-dimensional, smooth and delicate screen style makes every match in the game as realistic as the real basketball competition.

2. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball adds new content and events every week to keep players engaged and fresh.

3. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball not only allows basketball fans to be completely immersed in the familiar game of basketball, but also enables players who do not know basketball to quickly become interested in sports competition.


Game Highlights

1. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball features real-time multiplayer matches with basketball fans around the world, greatly increasing the interaction between players.

2. The way players operate in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball and the game interface are simple, easy-to-master and intuitive, which helps players get started and grasp the gameplay quickly.



1. Players in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball will enjoy the ultimate smooth and fluid picture quality and extremely three-dimensional sound quality effects.

2. Players in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball will get a taste of realistic basketball experiences and will be able to improve their basketball tactics and skills.



Unfortunately, what was once an extremely smooth game is now lagging behind, not only taking a minute or two to load per match, but also causing a few seconds of pause during matches, resulting in a stuttering gameplay experience.


Game Review

In terms of the practical gaming experience, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has its praise-worthy aspects as well as its flaws that need to be enhanced. As the closest basketball game to the real NBA game and players, with extremely high-quality graphics, three-dimensional immersive sound, real-time updates of events and activities, the customization of team lineups that put the player in the full initiative, and support for global players to compete online, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has done a great job and has been well accepted and supported by a lot of players, including me! However, in recent times, it has been taking too long to load each game, which was rare in the past. Also, the game would lag for unknown reasons, which affected the player’s exciting and intense game experience.

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