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State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Updated:August 26, 2020
  • Updated:September 1, 2020

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Build a base, create a safe haven for your survivors, and lay the foundation for your apocalyptic empire.


Save the survivors and strengthen your power. Find those who have special talents and let them make achievements in the battle of the plague!

the study

The zombie virus is rapidly mutating. Do your best to understand it, whoever can control the virus can control the entire country!


Many people are powerful. Make allies, establish strategic partnerships with allies, and gain a foothold in this apocalypse. Never show mercy to those who want to use you.

King in the last days

Heroes in troubled times, this new world is created by you!

Popular game Minecraft.


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Developer Notes

KingsGroup is a studio dedicated to making masterpieces of massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy games (SLG) in the mobile Internet era (Web 3.0).

KingsGroup is a team of game developers who share, learn and grow (SLG) through games.

KingsGroup is a place where creative minds and handcrafts meet.


It has been six months since the outbreak began. These six months have been filled with terror, loneliness and hardship. Many people have not survived, but you did it! Welcome to State of Survival.

The plague ravaged the country, and the civilization and prosperity of the past no longer exist. The army and the government have been helpless to move to underground operations, the infected are rampant, and only a few survivors dare to appear on this land.

Find other survivors and live together! This is not easy. Infected people are everywhere, and resources are extremely scarce. You can only survive in the cracks.

This is a new world, full of dangers, but also hidden infinite opportunities. Whoever can stand up from this situation will gain powerful strength. But also remember to proceed with caution. In today's environment, people are not as friendly as before...

Popular game Minecraft.


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    i love this gam

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    this game looks fun to me. and you picture looks like fun but win I played it. it was fun a lotttt!!!!

    by nathanael 8 Dec,2020
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    ok cool me to

    by Taylor_424 12 Oct,2020
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