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Human: Fall Flat
Human: Fall Flat
  • Updated:Oct 30, 2023
    Size:1.9 GB
    Developer:505 Games Srl
  • Updated:Sep 13, 2023
    Size:2 GB
    Developer:505 Games Srl

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Edit Notes for Human: Fall Flat


Human: Fall Flat is a physics simulation third-person game with fast-paced open ending, whose background is a fantasy dream world, and players need to escape the collapsing dream world through puzzles, which all relies only on the player's wisdom and knowledge.


You can control the character from all sides, how much you can get out, all depends on your ability. You can also fully interact with things in the environment, you can pick up anything you want, climb to anywhere you want, or walk with anything you want, and hit any wall you want. The game combines gameplay and a maze puzzle theme to give players a whole new gaming experience.


Game features

1. Fully interactive 3D environment, grab anything, climb anything, carry anything with you.

2. A fully 3D sound in a way that physically seems reasonable.

3. 8 beautiful dream worlds to solve with many puzzles.

4. Human: Fall Flat is a very hot adventure puzzle game with very magical characters.

5. This is a very interesting game in which players can pass through each level by cooperating with each other.

6. Paint your Bob with your own features or replace your own face with his face through online videos.


Game highlights

1. The game has a variety of mode challenges, single-player mode, multiplayer mode, online mode and fast competitive mode.

2. In single player mode, players can experience the thrill of single player, a large number of levels are waiting for you.

3. Fast competition mode, which has a lot of gold and props you can get.

4. In each level, you need to open treasure chests to get various props and really use your skills to conquer various difficult levels.

5. Remember your starting point and also the end point, choose a best path to complete all the tasks.



1. We go to explore more stories and tasks, at the same time, we can see our unknown human challenge.

2. The odd movement coordination is what we have to consider, a variety of real and delicate body language appreciation.

3. It has the funny style of painting.



1. When playing multiplayer games, it sometimes crashes.

2. The controls for controlling the different directions of the arms are a bit odd and have very low sensitivity.


Game review

Human: Fall Flat is a fast-paced open-ended simulation game. In Human: Fall Flat, the players themselves do not need to overly serious exploration of gameplay and other content, because the difficulty is so moderate, it will not give players too much pressure.


The game has an advanced physics engine and innovative operation, the player needs to control the main character bob in the dream world, through their own wisdom to use the physical effects to solve the various puzzles. At the same time, the game is divided into a variety of modes, players can choose to play with friends online, in Human: Fall Flat, you need to control a walking wobbly little child to break through the adventure, the game level is rich and very challenging, if you like Human: Fall Flat, please do not miss this game.

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