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Best Fiends - Match 3 Games
Best Fiends - Match 3 Games
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Best Fiends is a game full of magic and fun elimination. The little creatures of Minutia were living a peaceful life until one night a meteorite crashed into the mountain of sticks! A mysterious force has turned the slugs into a mob of plant-eating thugs, and now the slugs have captured the family of the brave little devil! In order to defeat the slugs and reunite with their families, the Brave Imps must grow and level up, discover their special abilities and prepare to unravel the mystery of Bang Bang Mountain.


In Best Fiends, the operation of the way is to use the line of elimination, 3 or more identical objects can be eliminated together, the more you can eliminate at once, the higher the score will be. While adding the popular props, it can increase the efficiency of elimination. The game incorporates the element of copy fighting on the basis of linking elimination. Each elimination will allow players to strengthen their insects and attack the enemy.


Game features

1. It is a magic puzzle game, you can enjoy a new generation experience that is friendly and simple!

2. It has brilliant graphics and "fingertip-licking" music!

3. It is an elimination puzzle game that incorporates RPG-style character growth mechanics!

4. You can collect all the cute little monsters and discover their special abilities!


Game highlights

1. Personalized little monsters with cute elimination

Among these little monsters with distinctive personalities, there are the powerful Grumpy, the tireless Breto, and the bird Teturam, etc. They walk through the edge of the forest, dodge the intimidation of slugs, cross the peak of the emergency, through the frozen tunnel, just to meet with their families.

2. Super Rich Level Map

With the gradual advancement of the levels, players need to combine the use of diamonds, keys and other rewards to open the breakthrough mode. The game's unique level settings will make you feel the different challenges in each level.

3. The little monster will take you through the mountain

It leads the monster craze and warms your heart in this cold winter.



1. Continuously upgrade the level to collect characters.

2. It has rich scene level design.



The only thing is that the cultivation system is particularly simple.


Game review

The little monsters here are no longer the dull images of the past, but the main characters with stories that can gradually upgrade their abilities and constantly change their images. Although the story is exciting, as far as Best Fiends game style, it has gorgeous magic scene, fresh and beautiful green nature, coupled with the elimination process of special effects, giving players a very immersive sense of immersion. The game is currently more than hundreds of levels puzzle challenge, different levels and interesting main line of tasks and combat system to enrich the players experience. At the same time, this game also adds a rich character growth elements, where you can collect and train different types of small monsters to switch at will. If you are interested in Best Fiends, come and enjoy it!

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