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The Game of Life 2
The Game of Life 2

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With a history of 60 years, The Game of Life has come up with its second season. The Game of Life 2 is a board game played digitally in which players could make updated decisions of life choices along with conventional elements. The current professional choices include new careers like a vlogger. You and your family and friends could play together on mobile or tablet screens to find each other’s possible life choices. You can personalize the peg, drive vehicles, and compete with others. The game tries to deliver us the message that money is not the final goal for all, but the happiness of all kinds. It can be fame or money, academic achievement, pets, and so on. You can choose either to be a renowned doctor, a rich person having numerous pets and other luxurious stuff in your house, or simply an ordinary person with a happy family. It is all up to you.

Game Features

1. The Game of Life 2 is a contemporary version of the classic board game, bringing ancient inspirations to the current world.

2. Unlike other ads-riddled games, The Game of Life 2 is ads-free involving non-in-game purchases with real money. You can totally have a safe gameplay experience online and offline.

An optional season pass is available with which you could explore extra boards like the Fairytale Kingdom, unlocking hidden elements of themes and outfits.

3. Even if playing offline, players can still play with the AI instead of being alone.

4. When playing online, players can play the multiplayer mode with others worldwide. Moreover, you can also send your family and friends invitations to ask them to join the game.

5. Apart from playing with AI, you can also play with others by simply passing the same device between at least 4 players under offline circumstances.


Game Highlights

1. Players are allowed to select and personalize their characters in different colours and outfits.

2. Players can choose their imagined life path to make their own life decisions. Whether it means to get married, become rich, keep pets, etc. There are always surprises on the road with numerous turns and twists while a second chance can be granted.

3. The game tries to deliver the message that money doesn’t mean everything, but happiness does. Players can earn happiness in a variety of ways.

4. Players are continuously entertained by the game for its rewarding system. They can unlock new elements of characters, vehicles, and outfits by earning rewards.


1. Another possibility of life

Players can make decisions they never dare to make to experience a completely different life without worrying about the costs.

2. A variety of choices to make

The game offers many professional choices for players to make.

3. Customize your life

Players can customize their characters, outfits, vehicles, etc.

4. No annoying ads

The game is ads-free without in-game purchases.



1. Bugs

For instance, the game crashes now and then, especially at the end of the game, which is rather annoying.

2. Way too fast-paced

The game is too short for players to completely enjoy the game because it lacks details.


Game Review

The Game of Life 2 is a fun and interesting simulation and board game for those who want to experience a new life. It can be played among family members and friends. Moreover, players worldwide could enjoy the game together. Regardless of its bugs and fast pace, the game is extremely engaging and fascinating. The greatest strengths of this game are its ads-free attribute and its offering of multiple life and professional choices. It has a good intention to tell players that money isn’t everything, but happiness is.

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