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Grand Theft Auto Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action game developed by Rockstar and released on October 27, 2002, with its spin-off prequel Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Saga. The game is the second 3D game in the GTA series and the sixth installment. The game's background city is Vice City, adapted from the American film "Scarface". In this game, players still have to follow the main character Tommy Vercett, from a gang members, through all the twists and turns, and finally kill boss Sonny and the Diaz to become the new owner of Vice City.


As for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it is first released on PC as well as PS2 and Xbox, which has become a classic memory for many players. The game immediately gained attention upon its release. It has a variety of operating options, improved graphics and support for custom soundtracks and cloud storage, among many other features, all of which are very popular.


At the same time, the graphics style suits the theme of this game. The game is more focused on refining the size of the world and the richness of the content. It is an extremely good game with a surprising amount of content and complex yet engaging missions.


And the game is known for its free and open gameplay and its tumultuous story, and is a must-play for players in terms of plot, characters, and missions.


Game features

1. In the game mall it will also have different weapons and equipment, and players should constantly improve their weapon’s combat strength.

2. It has a realistic urban city environmental effect.

3. A variety of different vehicles can also be unlocked by yourself.

4. You can look for more hidden plot story and enter a criminal city open to a unique battle.

5. You can also look for luxury cars, snatch police cars, injure police officers, all of these are primary crime, but you can improve your speed in this game.


Game highlights

1. Create a new city adventure with abundant guns, weapons, and high-class cars, and destroy all the enemies by shooting them in time.

2. Every day it will be updated in time for more driving tasks, in the completion of driving tasks you will receive more gold.

3. You can join more different organizations, in the game there are also more gang members, and you need to constantly expand your power.



1. The game experience is very good, if you seriously do the task, then it is easy to get guns and gold.

2. Rich scenes, exquisite character modeling, light and shadow design, which will bring realistic visual experience.



Sometimes there is a crash during the game.


Game review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a very good role-playing game, this game is a classic game, and it has the high level of the freedom. You will start a classic adventure in the city, you can not only be a good law-abiding citizens, but also can do all kinds of incredible things, all depending on your choice, if you are interested in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, come and experience it!

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