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Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2
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Edit Notes for Earn to Die 2


Earn to Die 2 is a doomsday survival racing game, the current new version also introduces a magnificent plot line for the game, the same exciting and tense degree has never been better, there is multi-level level adventure, not only in the visual, but also the process of the landscape. At the same time, Earn to Die 2 currently has four game modes, respectively: story mode, free driving, mission mode and exploration mode. I think such a choice will not let you feel bored. As for the goal of the game, the player needs to do is to modify the vehicle, the use of chariot speed and weapons to successfully reach the safe area, and this is also the focus of the game play, garage modifications. The variety of forms can make the humble combat vehicle become more different. In addition, the game's simple control also makes it easier for more players to get started, with a completely different scene with the sense of destruction of the car settings, but also make the player's every escape become exceptionally thrilling, if you like Earn to Die 2, let’s use the new props and weapons to complete the doomsday scenario of survival it!


Game features

1. Build your own personalized killing skills, all kinds of vehicles can be loaded with weapons which will also be slightly different, and reasonable choice to upgrade your vehicle.

2. It provides you with more levels, different choices mean different adventure environment, it also has different characteristics of the zombie. In short, whether you can break through the siege depends on your car skills.


Game highlights

1. In the city, every step seems very dangerous, and the vehicle may be destroyed at any time. If you are not careful driving, your vehicle may crash into pieces.

2. It creates a new plot story, which is longer and more exciting.



1. It is a fun game, which has high quality graphics and sound, as well as fun gameplay and cool upgrades.

2. Upgrades are easy so you don't have to struggle with one upgrade at a time.



After paying for the game, it still requires watching a lot of ads.


Game review

Earn to Die 2 is a textured racing game developed by developer Not Doppler. In addition, the game's road has become more multi-layered, the game will add 10 new cars, which can be equipped with a series of upgrade systems, such as the addition of armor, weapons, etc., so that zombies will be more difficult to destroy these vehicles.


The game scene from the boring desert moved back to the city with a sense of hierarchy inside, so that players cannot face to face with an endless desert. The scenes are rich and the details are very delicate, which brings the player a different visual enjoyment.


And now there are countless parkour games on the game platform, but parkour games with zombies and doomsday themes are still very rare, there is a new story mode, the content has been greatly expanded. If you are interested in Earn to Die 2, come and give it a try.

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