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Plague Inc.
Plague Inc.
  • Updated:Jun 26, 2023
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  • Updated:Jan 22, 2024

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Plague Inc. is an epidemic-based strategy game developed by Ndemic Creations, an independent game studio based in London, UK, for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Its heartless use of the virus to infect the entire human race to achieve the purpose of the extermination of all human beings, and the player is playing a destroyer of the world.


The game belongs to the 2D single-player strategy game, the overall colour of the interface is "horror red", and divided into easy, normal, difficult, and there are 7 initial pathogens to choose from, respectively: bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites, prion, nano-virus, and bio-weapons, and only in the normal difficulty victory to unlock the next virus.


The operation of the game is very simple, players firstly find a country on the world map to spread the virus of their choice, after the spread of the virus they will get DNA points, which can be used to upgrade the virus, upgrade the direction of the infectiousness, symptoms, and ability, in turn to expand the speed and power of infection, and finally to destroy the world as the end. In the process of the spread of the virus, there will be research progress of the antidote, once the research is completed before the destruction of the world, you will fail.


In order to improve the authenticity of the game, "Plague Inc." intersperses world dynamics, news information and other content in the course of the game, allowing players to have a greater sense of immersion in the activities in the game, showing the process of the world being constantly destroyed in a very graphic way.


Game features

1. It is very similar to war strategy games. It has great style, interesting challenges and a variety of different diseases. There are many different ways to complete each level, the controls are very sensitive and the sound effects are very appropriate.

2. There are many strategies to evolve and kill your disease. You can even do other things like fake news.


Game highlights

1. This is a great game and a very good learning tool that I have found. The more knowledge you have or gain about infectious diseases can help you strategise in the game.

2. When you play the game, it's always fun to occasionally read the news and see the crazy stories the creator's post.



1. It does not have any annoying game ads. In the game you try to infect or save the world and how the world will respond to the epidemic.

2. Each disease has its pros and cons, which makes it a bit challenging.



1. You have to buy the game to use any genes.

2. Once the whole person is infected, the DNA will accumulate forever, and you will keep losing because they heal it faster than the DNA points.


Game review

In this game you will test your ability to develop strategies and adapt to the actual situation, players not only have to increase the transmission channels for your virus, but also to control its lethality in a certain period of time, but you also need to pay attention to whether the disease is perfectly designed, there is a certain defect such as intolerance to heat, which will lead to the disease being cured before the final moment. In the game you must make sure to keep a certain amount of DNA research points, in a large outbreak and do confrontation with medical institutions, you can make the virus produce other side effects and variants, making it difficult to be cured.

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