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True Skate
True Skate
  • Updated:Nov 23, 2023
    Size:182.6 MB
    Developer:True Axis
  • Updated:Nov 23, 2023
    Size:79 MB
    Developer:True Axis

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Edit Notes for True Skate


True Skate is a fun arcade game, the game uses exquisite 3D painting style to bring the most realistic game experience for the players, and it is easy to learn, players will be our first perspective to challenge, control our players to complete a variety of difficult game operation, rich game tasks, waiting for players to come to freely start our challenge journey.


"Extreme Skateboarding", "Professional Skateboarding", "Shaun White Skateboarding", "Tony Hawk Skateboarding", are all presented from the perspective of a participant with a "human". In this "True Skate", the traditional competitor disappears from the screen and is replaced by a skateboard, this is your own extreme world.


In True Skate, players use your device as a fingerboard and use your fingers to simulate various tricks on it, rather than a game, it's better to think of it as a skateboard teaching app. The first thing to do is to enter the game, there will be a few short instructions to teach players the basic action, slide your finger down to move forward, slide up to move in the opposite direction, slide left and right to change direction; slide left and right on the skateboard to flip the board, slide up and down to warp the board, click to fix the skateboard. These actions look very simple, there are also gesture tips, but their own operation is still a little difficult, by the way, you can take this to skilled action. So if you are interested in True Skate, come and try it!


Game features

1. The game uses the third-person view, the players will control the character to complete a variety of magnificent operation!

2. Through our many obstacles, and successfully reach our exact game location to complete the challenge!

3. A large number of game levels, each level is very challenging!


Game highlights

1. You can enjoy the unique fun of skateboarding on the streets of the city. Realistic physical crash reactions and the various turning movements you expect are perfectly designed.

2. Various colors of skateparks are waiting for you to unlock. Also, the game supports a play function system which records all your simulated skateboarding challenges one by one.

3. You must complete a variety of fancy skateboarding moves in a limited time, and a variety of cool background music to relax your body and mind.



1. The game uses exquisite 3D painting style to create a real skateboarding world for the players!

2. Huge game map, waiting for players to come free to challenge!

3. Rich task system, players will complete our tasks in the game to get a generous reward!



1. Sometimes it has unstable control when you play this game.

2. Network is sometimes delayed.

Game review

Overall, "True Skate" has a high level in the operation and skill. Different from the skateboarding games which pursuit fast and exciting, this game is more to the precision. For those who like fancy skateboarding, although you can't really step on the board, but you can use your fingers to try a different kind of challenge, it is really a very wonderful way to relax.

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