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RAID: Shadow Legends
RAID: Shadow Legends

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RAID: Shadow Legends is a magical adventure RPG based on the stories of Western mythology. The game is very innovative in terms of gameplay, and a number of different roles can be switched at will, players can also team up with other friends to fight which just need to destroy the boss and then you can easily get equipment. If you want to survive here, it is essential to become more powerful, while players can also get a variety of weapons. And in order to enhance the character's combat power to easily deal with different challenges. If you are interested in RAID: Shadow Legends, come and try it.

Game features

1. Challenge epic boss battles

Conquer dozens of challenge bosses for bonus items, experience and special fighters! Then defeat them again to gain more powerful weapons.


2. PVP Arena

Go head to head with other players in the fierce arena to gain rankings and unlock special equipment.


3. Super realistic 3D art

There are 3D realistic and exquisite fighters with exquisite and fantastic equipment details. You can watch them fight in vividly clear scenes, as well as thousands of unique skills and attack animations.


4. Build and manage your fortress

Upgrade your castle to manage your pieces, train fighters, and get ready for arenas, replicas, and levels.


5. Deep strategic gameplay

Level up fighters, unlock the skills, group attack skills and healing abilities, and get more out of your leadership in battle.


6. Large PVE level maps

Experience the epic dark magic world brought by 13 exciting maps with full voice acting.

Game highlights

1. Excellent music effects, from the sound of the samurai fighting and shouting to fully mobilize the player's dueling emotions.

2. High-speed and simple turn-based fighting, each move has its own meaning, use all the moves to finally succeed in defeating the enemy.

3. It has the ancient style of the picture view.


1. Exquisite game painting style and delicate character portrayal.

2. Fierce PVP mode, let you feel the bloodthirsty battle of PVP.

3. Multiplayer online game, and other players together in the magic continent battle.


The Android system is confusing and compatibility is a big issue.

Game review

Raid: Legend of Shadow is a popular game, and this game also has a lot of features, first of all, Raid: Legend of Shadow has a very prominent European and American magic style, showing a colorful magic world for the players. Secondly, Raid: Legend of Shadow is easier and simpler to operate, which also allows players to better operate for more entertainment, and in Raid: Shadow Legends, you can carry equipment for each character, which also allows the character to have more room for development.


At the same time, the graphics of Raid: Legend of Shadows is very detailed, players can enhance the environment set by the game, and players in the game can be based on their own needs to match the role and lineup, and strive to improve the strength of the character, so that the passage is easier and more convenient, and the game also has a lot of gameplay and systems, which also increases the playability of the game.

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