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My Child Lebensborn LITE
My Child Lebensborn LITE

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During World War II, in order to increase the birth rate of "Aryan" children, the German party Praetorian Guard introduced the evil "Fountain of Life" program. In the Norwegian region, about 12,000 children were born as a result of this program. Some of the children were sent to Germany, while about half of them stayed in Norway.


After the war, the Norwegian government targeted these children for retribution. Some children were sent to mental institutions and experienced cruel humiliation and abuse, others stayed with their mothers but were still maligned by neighbors or peers. Today, these children become elderly, but they are still sometimes subjected to humiliation, their children are also subjected to bullying. Only in recent years, the Norwegian government has agreed to give them some compensation.


While working on a documentary featuring the Children of the Fountain of Life, ElinFestoy, one of the producers, felt that these stories needed to be conveyed to a wider audience, moreover, she wanted people to experience first-hand the suffering the children go through. Then “My Child Lebensborn” appeared.


In the game, the player needs to observe the child's expressions and words and actions to help them solve their problems. When a child suffers an insult, you can choose different methods of education. You have to explain to the children the cause of the incident and help them fight against fear and feelings of abandonment. You can choose different routes, take different actions and give different advice.


Game features

1. Influence your child's feelings, personality and worldview through your choices.

2. Your choices will affect your child's expressions and body language.

3. Explore the storyline based on real events.

4. Use your time and resources wisely.

5. Raise a boy or girl and support them through the defining year of their lives.


Game highlights

1. The player's goal is to take care of Karin's food, clothing, shelter, maintenance and let it grow happily

2. Let you feel the heart of these children who have lived in stereotypes and fears.

3. The player has to do things to watch the children's small expressions and mannerisms, to help them solve difficulties.



1. Let you get quite a big improvement in life.

2. Simple and interesting cute cartoon game style, the game is still relatively simple very easy to start, colorful storyline small story waiting for you to feel.



1. After playing for a few hours, you will find the game's graphic tones irritating and disturbing in various ways, and you are very prone to make some paternalistic mistakes in the game.

2. Sometimes, you will feel that the game is dull, especially to see through some long and tedious episodes.


Game review

My Child Lebensborn is a solemn game in which the player takes care of a traumatized child, and all you need to do is find a way to help him heal and grow up healthy.


Although the game is set in post-war Norway, its material is also derived from the wartime Norwegian people's fertility and real-life problems, and even the developers have interviewed those children who grew up after the "Fountain of Life" program about their childhood stories. But the war is not the main focus of this game, but rather the insignificant bullying is the theme, the game highlights the contradiction of bullying, but also provides some comfort and guidance to those who have been bullied or are being bullied advice, it is worth for everyone to experience.

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