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Solitaire Grand Harvest
Solitaire Grand Harvest

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Solitaire Grand Harvest is a fun casual puzzle game in which players need to complete a series of solitaire games to help their characters break through the levels and successfully win the final game to unlock more interesting levels. The game has many rich scenes and a variety of game content, as the game continues, Solitaire Grand Harvest will become more and more difficult. Play the relaxing, challenging, and free Solitaire Grand Harvest and fill your life! If you like the classic free solitaire games, then you will love the Solitaire - Grand Harvest. Hurry up, come and experience it!


Game features

1. Pay attention to the social media and get great rewards!

2. It's more fun to play Solitaire with your friends!

3. Absolutely the most rewarding free Solitaire Grand Harvest you've ever played!

4. This brand-new game integrates a variety of gameplay elements, with many welfare surprise levels online and a rich activity mode to explore.


Game highlights

1. Complete each level in each area as you flip the cards and harvest your crops. It's fun and completely free!

2. Complete fun-filled solitaire tasks every day for great rewards, including thousands of solitaire points and rewards!

3. Get 10,000 free coins when you invite your friends to play their own Solitaire Grand Harvest game.

4. Send them a link or Facebook invite to join in the Solitaire Grand Harvest.

5. Then watch them farm their own farms, or send them some solitaire!

6. Harvest, farm, and solitaire all the way up to the VIP Solitaire Grand Harvest level and earn exciting rewards!

7. But please note that you will need to harvest your crops and think strategically!



1. The most complete collection of card games ever.

2. Players will compete for top positions in the Leaderboards.

3. Single-player games with easy, medium, hard, and expert opponents.

4. Voice chat to make you more social in online games.

5. There are many exquisite graphics waiting for you.

6. More ways to play: single-player, multiplayer online or turn-based game centre, point-to-point.



1. The cost of coins and energy boosts removes the fun of the game.

2. Like all card games, you should be lucky and then you can be a winner in Solitaire Grand Harvest.


Game review

Firstly, the gameplay is simple, no matter which variant is used to play, players do not need to perform other superfluous operations in the level, as long as the cards are arranged in order, at most it will give players some hints when there are no ideas.


Secondly, they are all designed with beautiful card and tabletop backgrounds, and the card and tabletop backgrounds are the revenue points of the game.


The third and the most crucial point is that no matter what gameplay these manufacturers have integrated in their games, they do not consume too much energy from the players. Such as "Solitaire Grand Harvest" in planting crops to harvest gold, players only need to unlock the land will automatically plant crops, and do not need to spend energy to take care of crops, according to my experience every time you return to harvest crops, that is, to get gold rewards.

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