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June's Journey: Hidden Objects
June's Journey: Hidden Objects
  • Updated:Nov 29, 2021
    Size:427.7 MB
  • Updated:December 8, 2021
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June's Journey - Hidden Object is a classic American-style adventure puzzle game from Wooga, the game uses the form of chapters to advance the plot story, and the game play is relatively simple, basically just look at the map to find things, so no matter what type of players can quickly get started! The goal of the game is to find clues to crack the truth from the objects on display, so you need to find a variety of clues and props in the room to solve the corresponding pattern of puzzles. But the good thing is that the game players can choose to crack the puzzle according to their own preferences. And as the game continues, more clues will gradually emerge, which brings you one step closer to the truth. It is worth mentioning that June's Journey also provides a very exciting main task, through the text interactive way to participate in a variety of exciting story chapters. In this game, players will travel back to the glamorous 1920s to solve brain-burning mysteries and embark on an exciting journey to uncover family secrets and scandals. Find hidden clues by solving many surprising and brain-burning mysteries in an era of mansions and romance!


Game features

1. Recruit detectives with keen insight

Use your powers of observation to find out all the hidden clues.

2. Enjoy the thrilling adventure

Mystery! Danger! Romantic stories! Each new chapter has its own excitement!

3. Intriguing mysteries

Hundreds of elaborate and rich hidden object scenes for your amusement, as well as the ability to create your own luxurious mansion and garden island to show off your personal style.

4. Already attracting 25 million fans.

This latest hit is made by the original men of the classic hidden object game

5. All-new chapters

June's Journey will be updated with a new chapter every week, and each new chapter has a brand new mystery for you to solve!


Game highlights

1. It has fine cartoon game painting style, and magic addictive leveling gameplay.

2. The game is played in a variety of ways with interesting puzzles, hidden scenes and a variety of mysterious props.

3. Players need to find a variety of clues and props in the room in order to solve the corresponding mode of the puzzle.

4. Players need to find many hidden clues in June's mansion.



1. The graphics of this game are very beautiful. Each background painting is like a piece of art, so that the player seems to enter the art museum.

2. The clues, props and background images are perfectly combined, requiring players to keep looking and watching carefully.

3. There are many levels in the game. Each level has a new background map, which allows players to play enough at once.



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Game review

June's Journey - Hidden Object belongs to the retro style of the detective to solve the mystery, players in the game as the main character June will investigate the truth behind the strange death of his sister's family with exploring different scenes to find useful clues.

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