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June's Journey: Hidden Objects
June's Journey: Hidden Objects
  • Updated:Jan 23, 2023
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Edit Notes for June's Journey: Hidden Objects


Want to be a righteous detective who finds and explores everything suspicious and solves one puzzling mystery after another? Want to exercise your observation, reasoning, and memory skills while relaxing? Yes, all of these wishes will be granted in the following game. June’s Journey: Hidden Objects, courtesy of Wooga and released on October 3rd, 2017 is a narrative-driven casual adventure hidden objects game, which requires players to take on the role of detective and become June Parker to solve the mystery of a sudden murder and uncover the secrets behind the family. Just like a real detective, all kinds of suspicious information and valuable but unremarkable clues in different scenes need to be keenly detected and collected by players, connecting all the pieces of information that lead to the answer to the mystery and finally bringing the truth to light to bring justice to the dead. So, if you have a thing for solving mysteries and are a big fan of Hidden Objects, there is no game more suitable for you than June’s Journey: Hidden Objects.

Set in the 1920s, all the elements of the game are designed in classic American style art, so that players can feel the retro atmosphere as soon as opening the game and have a strong sense of immersion. The story begins with June Parker taking care of the children of her sister and brother-in-law who were strangely shot, while trying to unravel the truth of the case through the collection and deduction of clues.

In terms of gameplay, June’s Journey: Hidden Objects features a very easy-to-pick-up and master approach to finding hidden objects and clues. In other words, the player only needs to fully mobilize their powers of observation and logical reasoning and find all the suspicious hidden clues to solve the murder mystery step by step.


Game Features

1. June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is so easy to navigate that the player can piece the truth together by simply picking up clues from various gorgeous realistic scenes on cue.

2. The more clues players find in June’s Journey: Hidden Objects, the more complex and intriguing the storyline and plot become as it progresses.

3. June’s Journey: Hidden Objects also features a variety of key characters with rich personalities waiting to be discovered and explored.


Game Highlights

1. As the player explores the storyline further, the activity of managing and decorating the garden Island comes into play and allows players’ customization and transformation.

2. June’s Journey: Hidden Objects highlights a detective lounge for players to interact and meet, allowing players to challenge each other and share experiences.



1. June’s Journey: Hidden Objects allows players to hone their observation, reasoning, and even memory skills over time.

2. June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is filled with hundreds of beautifully designed realistic and retro scenes that will allow players to enjoy and immerse themselves in the 1920s.



Unfortunately, there are frequent crashes and pop-up ads during playing, resulting in a very poor and unsmooth gaming experience.


Game Review

As far as the actual gaming experience goes, June’s Journey: Hidden Objects has its praise-worthy aspects as well as its flaws that need to be enhanced. As an outstanding hidden object puzzle game, June’s Journey: Hidden Objects does a great job with its progressive difficulty settings, retro era elements, the storyline that runs through each level and episode, and customized activities and interactions with other players. In this game, I really experienced the process of piecing together clues from beginning to end as a detective to find the truth. However, frequent crashes and ads that pop up at random times make an otherwise perfectly good game feel like a clunker.

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