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Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles
Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles

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Hundreds of years ago, the vast land of Dominion was full of thriving and vibrant scenes.

However, the evil forces headed by the Great Demon have come, and they are bent on conquering this perfect world. His army is exceptionally strong and cruel, and someone must stand up to stop this chaos and become Dominion's guardian.


"Hero Wars-Fantasy Battles" is a cartoon fighting game. In the game, players need to assemble their own team and retake the territory from the hands of the devil. There are many different heroes, and their skills are different. Let's destroy the Great Demon King. Form your League of Legends, train and improve them, and make them invincible! Now, your mission is to take back the occupied lands from the evil forces of the Great Demon. With a loyal army you will triumph and bring peace back to Dominion!

Game Feature

1. There are dozens of heroes with unique skills.

2. You can fight bosses and capture their power.

3. You will participate in events to get rewards or rare items.

4. You should train your heroes and uncover their new skills.

5. You need to take part in epic battles and adventures.

6. Battle other players in the Arena and Grand Arena.

7. Multi-tier rankings immortalize your victories and legacy.

8. There are massive fierce battles to prove yourself.

9. Find allies and join a guild, or create your own and lead it to victory.

Game Highlights

1. You are a peerless hero. You can improve your combat power by constantly upgrading yourself. You will gain powerful combat power by upgrading different equipment and skills.

2. In the game, you can switch to other heroes for free. Each hero has different attributes. In the face of different levels, we can choose the heroes who fight against each other.

3. You only need to place the corresponding heroes at the right time, and let them play in the right way.

4. Train your heroes to have stronger skills so they can pass later levels.

5. Every time the hero gains combat power, the player needs to crack the mechanism, so that the enemy can be eliminated more easily.

6. The game also has an arena and a big arena, where you can fight with other players to make the game more interesting.


1. There are many different hero skills in the game, you can choose freely.

2. Your hero can be constantly upgraded.

3. Continuously train your heroes to make them have more powerful skills.

4. Unique combat and adventure gameplay, creating a brand new adventure world.


The game sometimes gets stuck mid-battle, especially when you try to jump over it.

Game Review

The game is not only well-made, the screen is high-definition and delicate, the levels are rich, and the game plot is also very attractive. This time players will come to a magical world. In order to save this continent, you need to lead your heroes. Here, sincere friendship, touching love, and helpless fateful confrontation are all waiting for you. Dear hero, what are you waiting for, let’s eliminate the devil and conquer the world!

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