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Idle Heroes
Idle Heroes
  • Updated:Aug 22, 2022
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  • Updated:Jul 26, 2022
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Edit Notes for Idle Heroes


Idle Heroes is a magical RPG adventure game! The main gameplay of this game is placement! There is no complicated operation process, you can choose your favorite heroes to form a powerful team to attack, and then just turn off the phone, quietly waiting for the results!


In the game, players can summon heroes of various stars through three methods: basic recruitment, advanced recruitment, and friendly recruitment. Players can also collect the corresponding number of hero pieces to synthesize the corresponding hero. Players can carry multiple heroes on them, and before the battle, they can set up any 6 acquired heroes to participate in various battles. Players can upgrade heroes, level breakthroughs, wear equipment to improve the hero's attributes. As the heroes level up or level breakthrough, they can unlock various passive skills.


At the same time, in the main interface map, players can find a variety of daily tasks and daily activities, so as to obtain a variety of props reward rewards to improve the hero's strength, and can also find a variety of equipment building function, store, etc. If you are interested in Idle Heroes, come and join the battle!


Game features

1. Global players competition

Join the arena and fight against players from all over the world! Attack the leaderboards and the highest glory to win powerful loot!


2. Endless strategy

There are over 200 heroes from different camps and hundreds of individual skills! You can forge and collect rare weapons and equipment to greatly enhance your combat power! You need the perfect equipment matching strategy! Enjoy the game with simple operation and ease!


3. No need to operate the placement battle

Send out your hero squad and your heroes will fight for you automatically! It is easy to wait to get epic equipment and legendary heroes! Get great rewards even when you're offline!


4. Passionate guilds

Challenge powerful guild bosses! Form the strongest guild with other players and build a legendary guild!


Game highlights

1. The gameplay is very interesting, and you can win by placing easily.

2. There are some exciting strategies on the adventure, more levels to experience at will, and then you can enjoy the new battle.

3. There is a variety of ways to enjoy the game, you can get more rewards.

4. It takes you to a different world to wander, and you can compete with players from around the world.

5. Rich treasure rewards are waiting for you!



1. No need to operate the placement game.

2. Rich game content.

3. Passionate guild.

4. Endless strategy.


The game lacks guidance for higher-level activities. This makes it difficult to understand how to play certain aspects of the game.


Game review

The game graphics are in the style of western magic, the characters and the overall sense of graphics in the game are more exquisite. Secondly, the gameplay breaks the conventional gameplay, allowing players to break away from the general placement of the game, so that players can experience a different sense in this game. At the same time, the game music design is very much in place, and the music will change with different locations. So I highly recommend you experience and play this game.

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