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  • Updated:Jan 18, 2024
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Township is a traditional farming simulation game that combines city building and farm management. Players learn to develop farms, towns, and a cities and then agricultural trade around an agricultural town. At the same time, the game has a casual gameplay and more features, where you can both develop your farm by reclaiming the land and expand the construction between various facilities.


You are also constantly developing your virtual town and letting dreams and nature build. Secondly, in addition to the above mentioned casual features in Township, players can also build various entertainment projects to increase the happiness of town residents, open restaurants, movie theaters and other community buildings to make your town unique and full of life, or you can explore mines to get energy and find antiques, or run your own zoo and collect animals from all over the world. In short, the overall fresh and bright cartoon style of Township, coupled with the ultra-high freedom of development and construction projects, has become a handheld tool for players to relax, so if you are interested in farming simulation game, come and experience Township.

Game features

1. You can use distinctive buildings and decorations to create a unique style of your dream town.

2. You can grow a variety of crops and process them in the factory.

3. You will receive orders from interesting and unique townspeople.

4. You will be able to collect antiques in the town's mines.

5. Play with your Facebook and make some new friends in the game community.

Game highlights

1. Rich game props, different land upgrade and construction need different props and materials to assist.

2. Farm products can be planted and processed, recycled into beautiful and delicious food.

3. A variety of buildings and transportation facilities to keep the town in order.

4. The residents of the town will issue orders according to their needs, according to the market requirements slowly complete the construction and planting and processing tasks.
5. It is easy to play and has smooth gesture control.



1. The game screen is fresh and natural, a blend of urban architecture and rural scenery.

2. Fresh and lovely 3D art style, buildings, trees and characters.


1. Sometimes the game will crash.

2. Takes up too much storage.

Game review

First of all, the town environment is beautiful, you can feel the whole town in the blue sky and white clouds surrounded by green mountains and water. The overhead perspective effect is convenient for players to view the overall layout of the town. The cheerful ditty is interspersed with the chirping of birds, highlighting the cozy and beautiful farming life of people.


Secondly, the operation of the game is similar to the happy farm that everyone has played, with fingers click on the corresponding position on the screen for the corresponding operation, there will also be a step-by-step tutorial to guide players into the game at the beginning.


At the same time, the game has a social platform, players can invite friends to play the game with you through FACEBOOK, SMS, email. Players can interact and communicate with their friends on the dating platform. You can share your town and the town's harvest to enhance each other's friendship. However, on the IPAD, SMS and email are not available, so players can use FACEBOOK to invite their friends to join.

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