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Golf Clash
Golf Clash
  • Updated:Sep 8, 2022
    Size:275.2 MB
    Developer:Playdemic Ltd
  • Updated:Nov 14, 2023
    Developer:Playdemic Ltd

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Developed by Playdemic, Golf Clash combines easy-to-learn controls with well-designed gameplay. It's a fun, easy and realistic golf game where players control the angle of their shots to get the ball in the hole.


The game starts off with a short tutorial that explains the two different mechanics of play. First, you have to decide how far the golf ball will go. For most people, they want to be as far as possible for the first shot, but then it's a combination of distance and hole.


You can then press the hit button to hit the golf ball out, you can also pull the ball to the blue target location at the bottom of the action screen to tee it up. Moreover, the best hitting point is easy to spot, so players don't have to bother guessing. After that, a target with a moving pointer will appear and your goal is to send the ball out when the pointer reaches the center of the target.


After that, you can choose to match online or challenge your friends, and you can also choose from different tournaments, each of which requires an entrance fee, and you get double the coins for winning and a bonus for losing, but winning or losing will have an impact on your trophy count, which is the main reference factor when ranking and matching. The number of trophies added per win is mainly determined by the opponent's ranking.


Game features

1. It is a rapid 1v1 real time game.

2. Revolutionary shooting system that is easy to learn and hard to master.

3. Thousands of online players are waiting to challenge you.


Game highlights

1. Rich and diverse maps, ever-changing terrain, and uncontrollable wind will bring you more fresh and exciting experiences!

2. Don't miss every chance to prove yourself with the career tour, the exciting tournaments, and the rewarding Golden Ball!

3. Wonderful long-distance slicing ball! Come and play with players from all over the country, and start a smooth 1V1 duel at any time!



1. I really like the Battlegroup feature they recently added! My friends and I are enjoying it.

2. This game has great graphics!


There is no exercise function.


Game review

The matchmaking mechanism is simple: the one who uses the least number of strokes to get to the hole wins. If both players use the same number of strokes, it will go to the tiebreaker, and the one who hits the ball closest to the hole wins.


Upgrade cards are mainly used to increase the level of your club, and the higher the level, the better your accuracy, power and in-game help the club provides. You can unlock a lot of clubs and level them up to the top.


Until you become proficient, you will lose most of the time in online matches, and the game has no training mode. Through constant practice, you'll slowly master the art of winning, but each match can feel nerve-wracking as one mistake on your part can often mean an out, and more interestingly, different field locations can also affect wins and losses. So if you are interested in golf, come and enjoy Golf Clash!

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