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Mafia City
Mafia City
  • Updated:Jan 19, 2024
    Size:226.4 MB
  • Updated:Jan 18, 2024

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Edit Notes for Mafia City


Mafia City is a great mafia-building strategy game where players need to lead their mafia team in battle! The superb graphics allow for an immersive experience! Players can build their stronghold in the city, expand their base to make their power stronger and stronger, and recruit different heroes in different areas! Players can fight against all kinds of enemies!


Game features

1. Strong force system, dozens of gangsters and military weapons

Thug, the human weapon is not enough to describe their ferocity, the conflict is a common occurrence. There are gunman, proficient in all firearms, ak47, submachine guns, rifles and artillery. At the same time, gangster can modify all cars from small cars to military Humvees.


2. The same global service! Together to compete for the throne of the mob boss!

There are only brothers here, only righteousness, no matter where you come from, communication is not a problem!


3. New play, synthesis and upgrade

New building synthesis upgrade game, from the ice cream stall to the big mall, you can play this game by fingertips.


4. The business legend is built with your hands

From the penniless man to start your business road, you can become a legendary tycoon step by step!


5. Talent market is the way to win

With so many talents to choose from, you're not alone in the battle! They can become your assistance in the business, sports and celebrities!


6. Cool system, real business battles

Real business war system gameplay will bring you immersive experience.


Game highlights

1. Coordinated planning! Develop your own empire.

2. HD Unity game engine, which creates the ultimate game experience.

3. Globally available! Form an international gang regardless of color and language!

4. Automatic hang-up setting, where the game player can set up a good automatic earnings.

5. Daily sign-in will have a lot of game rewards, these rewards have a lot of gold props rewards



1. This is a unique management simulation game.

2. It is easy to operate, you just need to arrange your business wisely and keep upgrading and strengthening to get more revenue.



1. It cannot create a file to save notes.

2. It has four songs and plays these songs in an endless loop.


Game review

Mafia City is a strategy game from YottaGames. Players fight with other gangs in Mafia City by recruiting minions, grabbing territory, and growing clans to make their own way.


With Unity3D engine, Mafia City does not disappoint in the graphics as usual, the beautiful graphics make people not feel bored at first glance, the setting of the same global service reduces the gap and gives players the opportunity to compete with other continents, the storyline of creating bases and developing clans, like the legendary history of the Italian Mafia, provides players with various immersive experiences.


At the same time, unlike the harmonious, democratic and civilized socialism, "Mafia City" relies on lawless robbery to obtain all kinds of resources due to the rampant mafia, whether it is nightclubs, material factories or weapon stores, banks, as long as the resources needed by powerful gangs can be obtained by robbery in the game.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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