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AFK Arena
AFK Arena
  • Updated:December 28, 2020
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  • Updated:January 4, 2021

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As Sword and Expedition players continue to develop new genres and gameplay, one day a player wonders: What happens when a hero's evasion rate reaches a certain point? It's a strange question, perhaps, but one worth thinking about. Due to the sword and the expedition to the official description of evasion rate has been vague, so far no player detailed test on it, just know to avoid the mechanism, has certain limitation, while you can dodge skills and's attack, but not dodge magic skills, said the call magic skill is also the almost are a must. Therefore, the player began to test the hero's evasion rate. The evasion rate of the two heroes, the green Sword and the merchant, is the most exaggerated. Although they are not the heroes with high avoidance rate, they are slightly better than other heroes.

First of all, take green Sword as an example. If the green sword is equipped with TI shoes and weapons first, and other miscellaneous fetters are added, the evasion rate will reach the threshold of 400+. At this time, the green sword can stand in the front row for a long time. But when your green sword has a 500+ dodge rate, something magical happens. The green sword is like an open sword, constantly avoiding the enemy hero's attack, and even achieving a non-damage effect in the later stage. However, this is not the limit of your dodge rate, as you try to increase a hero's dodge to 600 or close to 700+. This hero will have a real quality change. Take the merchant as an example. If the evasion rate reaches the level of nearly 700, the merchant can avoid harm continuously under the condition of 1v5 and directly drag the time to the end, which is one of the reasons why this game is called "Merchant and Expedition". Worthy of being the "true god" hero.

As we know, the green sword among the green descendants is a rare dodging hero, the latter are all by virtue of high dodging rate, as a front-row. One of the hero's abilities is to reduce the hit rate of enemy heroes by 150. Can you create a new genre by adding the dodge rate of merchant and green Sword to the hero's hit rate by adding the hit rate of wine barrel as an aid? And this school of thought, it seems in the international clothing side is slowly taking shape, I believe it will soon appear in front of players. Although we still don't know what the upper limit of merchant + green sword + wine barrel is, it does give us an idea of later transformation. So by the time you get to chapter 22, none of the shining real purple heroes can be used as rations, and you never know when they'll be the core heroes.


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Developer Notes

Lilith is a representative of The Mesozoic Gaming company, which was founded in 2013. Founded so far has seven or eight years of time, said the old is a little too young, said the start-up and a bit of history, called "Mesozoic era" just right.

The story of Lilith should be familiar to all of us. In 2014, the first self-developed book "The Legend of Little Bingbing" came online and occupied the first place on the best-selling iOS game list in China for a long time. In 2016, it was officially transformed into a game company integrating research and operation. Lilith's second masterpiece of 2017, The Sword and Home, has been in a slump for a long time due to its excessive innovation. In 2018, Sword and Crusade -- AFK and The Awakening of Nations broke out overseas and returned as the lilith of the World.

At present, Lilith has a strategy game about World War II, Warpath, which is being tested in 13 overseas markets. During the nearly two-year testing period, 12 versions have been tuned, and many functions and gameplay are still being improved. Game News has also been told that, barring any surprises, the game will be officially launched in 2020.

Nearly 90 percent of Lilis's camp collection is in two products, WW Awakening and Sword &Expedition -AFK, with WW Awakening's revenue estimated at around 3 billion yuan last year, according to game News. Based on the momentum of Sword and Expedition -AFK's catch-up, Lilith's two products should reach 7.5 billion yuan in revenue this year.


This game should be a common occurrence for players to talk about the gameplay and characteristics. It has been said above that it is similar to "Blade Tower Legend" and "Placement of surprise" game. The natural gameplay is similar and players can easily use it. The main card game to prevent hanging up, you just need to put five pit positions one by one put your favorite hero, then lie on the company sleep all afternoon, wake up to collect spinach can pack up and go home.Now there are 37 heroes, divided into legend (orange), epic (purple and blue), ordinary (green) three ladder role. Due to the large number of legends of heroes, accounting for half of the total hero pool bonus (16), so I only have 2 so far, epic and ordinary characters have mostly been collected. However, the current feeling of this game is that the gap between the legendary hero and the other two types of heroes is not particularly obvious. After all, in terms of how this placement and hanging game is played, there is also a faction (attribute) restraint to consider.

First of all, hero quality: there are three gradient characters: legend (orange), epic (purple and blue) and ordinary (green), and each hero character has its own quality. Ordinary, rare, elite, epic and legend are actually the same hero X3 to enhance the quality and enhance the hero panel attributes. In the screenshot below, the gem color on the character's name represents quality. Second, faction (attribute) restraint: the rule is simple, as in many hanging card games, cyclic suppression. Next, the hero location and skills: as usual: strength, intelligence, agility, skills will unlock new skills as the hero's level increases. Ordinary heroes have 2 skills, epic heroes have 3 skills, and legendary heroes have 4 skills. Finally, combat: because it's a hang game, the game is real-time, players can switch to automatic or manual, and if it's automatic, the character's skills will be released automatically. A maximum of 5 characters are placed in the queue at one time, 2 in the front and 3 in the back.


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