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War Robots Multiplayer Battles
War Robots Multiplayer Battles
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War Robots Multiplayer Battles is a shooting game from the Russian game studio Pixonic LLC. The game is made with 3D engine, the graphics are very detailed and realistic, the traces of bullets shot by the mech warriors are clearly visible. Players will remotely control the mech warrior into the city battlefield. The game has a variety of battle systems such as plot mode, real-time battles and challenges, each mech not only has a different appearance, but also has different combat attributes. The game provides players with two battle modes, one is a challenge mode automatically matched by the system, and the other is a multiplayer game with friends, you can form a team with three or five friends and cooperate with each other to defeat the enemy. If you also want to upgrade your own mechs or unlock higher-end mechs with your own abilities, you need to keep grinding, defeating enemies for rewards and upgrading your mechs to reach the top.


Game features

1. There are dozens of different kinds of combat robots.

2. Many combinations of robots and weapons. You can create a war machine that suits your style.

3. Create your own faction and lead it to a glorious victory.

4. Join epic PVP battles and challenge opponents from all over the world.

5. Complete military missions to get rewards and win the title of the best warrior.


Game highlights

1. The game uses a 3D engine, players enter the mech battlefield in the third person, the background of the story is set in the future, so many scenes and buildings are more in line with the modern style, players will combat in the city, the desert, canyons, factories and other areas.

2. We through the lower left corner of the joystick for positioning control, slide the screen can be aimed at the enemy, we can also choose to attack the button left and right side of the weapon. War Robots Multiplayer Battles uses the joystick and slide screen control.

3. The game provides players with a choice of eight war mechs and players will be able to spend money to buy them when they reach a certain level. For the shooting game, rich weapon system is essential. In addition to increasing the diversity of weapons, War Robots Multiplayer Battles also joins the replacement of mech warriors, players can buy some high-performance warriors.



1. Using 3D game style, the game's operation is simple, you can be easy to start it.

2. The game is very realistic, giving us the feeling of immersion.



1. It needs to re-lock when facing to cancel stealth or turn on stealth.

2. It needs to aim before firing.


Game review

The robot model and map design are of a high standard, the robot is full of metal texture, excellent 3D modeling makes the robot's movements slow but accurate, firm and crisp. Although in the modeling it is still lacking in three-dimensional sense, but the overall action is very smooth, shooting steering is also very comfortable, and does not affect the game experience.

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