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Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2
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The card elements are added to the game. Both the bird and the magic weapon are displayed on the cards. Only the first three cards are displayed at the same time. The other cards are covered and not displayed. The player can display the three cards to Decide the launch sequence of the bird and magic weapon. If the energy bar is full in the level, or if you hit the golden pig in the level, you can get an extra card. The player must knock down the piglets in all stages of the level before the cards are used up. If the cards are used up before the level is passed, the player can use gem tokens to obtain new cards to continue the level or consume physical energy to start the level. Players have a total of 30 physical strength. When they fail to pass the level and start again, they will deduct 5 physical strength. The physical strength will be restored over time. If the physical strength is lower than 5, the player cannot break through the level. Players can only wait or pay to purchase the physical strength recovery You can continue to break through the level above 5 (the international version has a total of 5 physical strength, and 1 point will be deducted if it fails).

The game level of each level is different from the previous game in that it is changed to multiple stages. The number of stages in each level ranges from two to six. The player must knock down the green pigs in each stage in the level to pass the level. When passing a certain level After the checkpoint, you will encounter the demon king in a specific checkpoint. Unlike the general green pig, the boss must be defeated until his stamina is exhausted, and the use of magic weapons is prohibited in the boss checkpoint.

Gifts and card types are randomly assigned. If you get a card in the game level, it may be a random bird or magic weapon. Players can even join Facebook online to join friends, or use the in-game finding friends program to add friends, friends can compete for points ranking in various levels or arenas. Gem tokens can be found and purchased or can be obtained for free after completing daily tasks.

The bird in the game also adds training elements. Players can collect a certain amount of feathers to improve the bird's ability. The feathers can be obtained from the arena or from the treasure chest after passing the level.

There are chances for special pigs such as the golden pigs mentioned above in the level, as well as umbrella pigs (to reduce landing damage) and gunner pigs (to turn birds into bear dolls).


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Developer Notes

In 2003, three students from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University), Niklas Hurd, Jarno Vekeveinen, and Kim Dickert, participated in a mobile game development competition. Demo meeting. This competition is sponsored by Nokia and Hewlett-Packard. The three won the competition with their real-time multiplayer game "King of Cabbage World". Therefore, together with Niklas Hurd's cousin Mikhail Hurd, they opened their own company Relude, and they sold the king of the cabbage world to Sumeya (now a subsidiary of Digital Chocolate). Sumeya renamed the game "Mole War" and became the world's first commercialized real-time multiplayer mobile game. In January 2005, Liludi received its first funding from angel investors and soon renamed the company "Rovio Mobile".

In 2009, Mikhail Hurd became CEO. At the beginning of 2009, Rovio was on the verge of bankruptcy due to (2011) poor product sales. Therefore, Rovio's game developers try their best to design a game that can help the company bring the company back to life.

Rovio Released its 52nd game "Angry Birds" in December 2009, a slingshot puzzle game designed for the iPhone. The game ranked first in Apple’s App Store after six months. Angry Birds has accumulated more than 1 billion downloads, and paid downloads account for more than 25% of all downloads, causing Angry Birds It has become one of the most frequently downloaded applications on the App Store.

In March 2011, Rovio raised a total of US$42 million in venture capital funds from Axel Partners, Atomico and Felicius Ventures. In July 2011, Rovio was officially more simply called Rovio Entertainment Limited. In June 2011, the company hired David Maisel to transform the production of The Angry Birds Movie. Rovio acquired Kombo, an animation company based in Helsinki in October 2011. Acquired in March 2012, Rovio acquired Futuremark and developed an alternative game product-Futuremark Game Studio.

On May 9, 2012, Rovio announced that the total number of downloads of its mobile game Angry Birds exceeded one billion times [. In July 2012, Rovio announced the cooperation with Activision to release the first three Angry Birds games on electronic game consoles and handheld game consoles, which they called the Angry Birds Trilogy. The trilogy was released in September 2012. In November 2012, Rovio launched the "Angry Birds Star Wars" game authorized by the original Star Wars trilogy for mobile phones and desktop computers. Rovio once again cooperated with Activision to port this game to electronic game consoles and handheld game consoles, and it was released in October 2013. In September 2013, the "Angry Birds Star Wars Episode Two" based on the Star Wars Prequel trilogy was officially launched.

In March 2013, Rovio launched the multi-platform ToonsTV channel and premiered the Angry Birds cartoon. In 2013 Rovio became a video game publisher and released third-party games through its Rovio Stars project.

In January 2014, Rovio announced that its Angry Birds series of games had reached 2 billion downloads. In addition, some people claim that Rovio’s flagship series of Angry Birds “leaked data” to third-party companies, and may even leak it to surveillance agencies such as the US National Security Agency. Therefore, hackers against the US National Security Agency hacked Rovio's website.

In May 2014, Rovio established a new distribution branch-Rovio LVL11-to release some experimental games. The first game released under the name Rovio LVL11 is Retry, and the second is Selfie Slam. In June 2014, Rovio determined that he was not only a gaming company, but an entertainment company. This was verified in the company’s financial statements: in 2013, half of the company’s $216 million turnover came from incidental products and authorized businesses.

In August 2014, Rovio announced that Mikhail Hurd would step down as CEO in January 2015 and be replaced by Pekka Rantara. Hurd continues as a member of Rovio's board of directors and serves as the chairman of Rovio Animation. As its latest games, Angry Birds Epic and Go!, were not as effective as previous games after the launch, Rovio’s net profit in 2013 was halved, so the company announced that it would lay off 110 employees in December 2014. After that, Rovio announced that it would close its studio in Tampere and move the business there to the office building in Espoo. At the end of 2014, Rovio suffered a 73% drop in profits and made only 10 million Euros. Pekka Rantara explained that the reason for the decline in profits was the unsatisfactory sales of Angry Birds licensed products and by-products. He also pointed out that "the company is not satisfied with our licensing business." After the sales of Angry Birds toys and licensed products fell 43% in 2014, Rovio laid off 260 employees worldwide in August 2015. In December 2015, Rantara announced that he would step down as CEO, and Katie Levolanta, who was in charge of legal affairs, would take over as CEO in 2016.

On January 16, 2017, Rovio opened a studio focusing on massively multiplayer online games in London. On February 15, 2017, Rovio announced that it would reorganize its animation department and lay off at least 35 positions. In March 2017, Kaiken Entertainment, founded by former Rovio CEO Mikhail Hurd, acquired Rovio's animation department. In March 2017, Rovio reported that due to the success of "The Angry Birds Movie" and the recently released video game, the company has begun to profit again, with a turnover of US$201 million.

In March 2016, Rovio released the Battle Bay game in selected Asia-Pacific and European countries. This is Rovio's first five-to-five multiplayer online battle arena game. The Android and iOS versions of this game were released worldwide in May 2017.

In 2017, Kay Hurd stepped down as chairman and was replaced by Mika Ihamottila.

On September 5, 2017, Rovio announced that it was preparing to go public. In October 2017, Rovio's stock began trading on the Nasdaq Helsinki Exchange.


"Angry Birds2" is a casual puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. It was announced in 2015. This game is the 12th game in the Angry Birds series. Cards and training elements are added to the game, and a new bird is added. The game is called Silver, and new magic weapons are added. The levels in the game are also changed to multiple stages.

Rovio Entertainment had a trial release on the App Store in Canada on March 5, 2015. At that time, the name was "Angry Birds Under Pigstruction". On July 16, it was officially announced that the game was the sequel to Angry Birds. It will be designated as "Angry Birds 2" and will be released on iOS and Android worldwide on July 30.

British game magazine "Pocket Gamer" gave "Angry Birds 2" a score of 7 out of 10, indicating that in addition to the more exquisite game screen special effects, its game has gone further in the design of puzzle games. However, there have been complaints about the physical strength design. After the physical strength is exhausted, in addition to waiting 30 minutes or spending tokens, you can continue to break through the level; but in general, the "Pocket Gamer" website still gives "Angry Birds" 2" is the best game released by Rovio Entertainment. The multimedia and review site IGN gave "Angry Birds 2" a full score of 6.7 out of 10. It also rated the ever-changing levels and limited life points in addition to attacking pigs to increase the fun of the game.

Three days after the launch of the game, "Angry Birds 2" has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times; 1 week after its launch, the number of downloads exceeded 2,000,000, ranking first in the US Apple App Store free download list, Google Play free download ranking The ranking is second. According to the Rovio Casino, "Angry Birds 2" ranks first in the iOS game rankings in 100 countries, and the number of downloads of Android games.


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