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Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja 2
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Fruit Ninja 2 is one of the most interesting games ever and the latest sequel to the classic and highly popular fruit cutting game Fruit Ninja. Players in Fruit Ninja 2 can experience a more beautiful picture, more diverse level scenes, and a more enjoyable fruit cutting experience, which is suitable for both young and old. Check out the latest game from the Fruit Ninja universe!


Thus, get your blades ready! The fruit-cutting action game that brought you all the fun is now back, with added fun mini-games and real-time action!


In this game, you can play against players from all over the world and have fun with all the action.

Compared to Fruit Ninja, this game has more ways to play, players can better experience the thrill of cutting fruit in the game with more modes and fun, instantly relieve any built up stress! So what are you waiting for? Pull out the blade and get ready to slice!


Game features

1. Upgrade your arsenal with the exciting upgrade tools in the traveling merchant's cart.

2. Improve your skills and earn rewards with our new challenge system.

3. Use finger swipes to play in the three modes: Classic, Arcade and Chrono.

4. Customize your game experience with unlockable weapons and backgrounds.


Game highlights

1. It is the most fun and addictive action game.

2. You can unlock new characters and prop packs to show off your inner ninja.

3. Collect crazy and interesting legendary blades to get the advantage over your opponents.

4. Experience the action in the new series of Fruit Ninja mini-games and have fun.

5. Use a variety of interesting new bonus props to improve the action of the battle.

6. The arena is beautifully drawn and sets the stage for the ultimate action-intensive game.

7. Cut all the way to the top in the league, enjoy the fun and win the championship.



1. It has classic operation, you can just swipe the screen to cut fruit.

2. There are a variety of props, creative gameplay, a large number of levels and multiple modes.

3. The game's style and quality are very good, in addition to the game is still relatively easy to get started, the operation is not difficult.


1. There are some ads in this game.

2. The servers are terrible.


Game review

This is a simple casual game full of fun and exciting elements. The 2D combined with 3D graphics makes the game's visual effect quite good. At the same time, Fruit Ninja 2’s game play is very simple, use your finger to swipe the screen. Note that in addition to the thrown fruit, there are bombs will also be thrown out.


And the game provides classic mode, banana mode and no bomb mode. In the classic mode, players have three lives and each missed fruit will reduce one life, of course, you cannot cut the bomb. The game also offers a variety of swiping effects, which are unlocked by reaching some conditions in the game.


In short, "Fruit Ninja 2" is a very interesting fruit game, if you are interested in Fruit Ninja 2, come and experience it!

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