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Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise
Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise
  • Updated:Jul 20, 2022
    Size:1.3 GB
  • Updated:Oct 25, 2023
    Size:348 MB

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Edit Notes for Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise


Garena Free Fire is a real survival game, the rules are also very simple, whoever survives to the end will be the winner, defeat every enemy you see, but there are no machines, so there will be more difficult. The game is fast paced, it will require fast reflexes, you will fall behind if you can’t keep up. In addition, the game provides you will and arsenal of firearms, there are grenades and medical kits which are you need to collect. The game play is the same throughout, it all depends on your shooting skills and strategy.



1. It is a very exciting all-out battle royale game, in the game you can be with a variety of different players to challenge and battle.

2. You should take a look at the available content, pick your favorite game mode to enjoy the experience that best suits you.

3. The GUI is very easy to understand and use, you will have n problem navigating through the game’s interface.

4. There are many vehicles to choose in the game, pick a variety of different vehicles to use it.

5. Rich game play in the game to enjoy the experience, in the game process you can also open the corresponding voice function to communicate.

6. There is a new built-in voice chat so you can communicate with your teammates in game.



1. Whether you team up with friends to enter the battlefield or randomly engage a passersby, you can cross cover with your teammates to survive and win together!

2. The built-in voice system allows you to communicate with your teammates about tactics, strategies, and do whatever it takes to stay alive! Become the last survivor!

3. New scope system, use 8x scope to shoot accurately! An arsenal of weapon types and many skins, free combination of accessories, improve weapon performance, every battle royale match is a new experience.

4. Large map exploration survival, exquisite desert island scenes, with the most realistic and immersive atmosphere. Explore freely in the difficult deserted island!



1. The overall gameplay is very fun, in terms of high-definition quality, the overall sense of picture performance and the softness of light and shadow and the entire map articulation are very realistic.

2. There are also multiplayer teams and single player matches in the gameplay, so that the game can start as fast as possible without wasting players' time.

3. The game has an overall extremely realistic graphics quality, after all, the most important thing in a shooting game is the quality of the picture!

4. The UI makes the game very easy to play, the firearms all feel extremely fun to play with in game.


1. Server disconnection: Sometimes, in the middle of a match, the game would crash and disconnect players. When players reconnect into the game, they may be already dead and lose progress.

2. Unorganised and cumbersome updates: Internal maps like Clash Team Kalahari, Costume Pack and Pet Rumble are being downloaded daily. It requires to download maps every day.


Garena Free Fire is a game that has been well spoken by many players. Unlike the traditional 100-player battle, this game has only 50 participants, which gives its fast paced gameplay. But this does not affect the feeling of tension and excitement, while the game's picture quality is wonderful! At the same time, I think the overall smoothness of the action and the sense of shooting experience of the game are very perfect. Hurry up and experience this game!

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