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Fate Grand Order
Fate Grand Order
  • Updated:January 1,2021
    Size:245.75 MB
    Developer:Aniplex Inc.
  • Updated:December 31,2020
    Size:83.89 MB
    Developer:Aniplex Inc.

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"Fate/Grand Order" is a role-playing game dedicated to smartphones launched by TYPE-MOON, an electronic card collecting social network game, and is a project of TYPE-MOON to commemorate the tenth anniversary of "Fate / stay night". "Fate / Grand Order" roughly inherits the settings of the Fate series, and other TYPE-MOON works (such as "Fate / Zero" and "Fate / Apocrypha", "Fate / EXTRA", "Fate / Requiem") have also appeared .

The final production was announced at the "Fate Project Latest Information Presentation" held at SHINAGAWA INTERCITY on July 24, 2014. Pre-registration began on December 28 of the same year. Script development and operation services are scheduled for the whole year of 2015.

The official propaganda animation revealed the eras and related heroes of the seven "singularities". At the end of December 2016, the first and second part of the story "Fate/Grand Order – Epic of Remnant -" was published, and the new promotional animation revealed the era of four new singularities. A new hero who has something to do with the incident. At the end of 2017, the second new story "Fate/Grand Order Cosmos in the Lostbelt" was released. Come out and save the world once again in a world invaded by the world. At the same time, the first part also officially added a subtitle with the addition of the second part, the name is: "Fate/Grand Order Observer on Timeless Temple"


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Developer Notes

Aniplex (ANX) is a diversified entertainment company operating worldwide with focus on the planning and production of anime video and music content, its distribution in theaters and broadcast syndication as well as their respective physical and digital products, development of related game apps and merchandise such as figurines and apparel, stage production of musicals and live events, and operating the online store "Aniplex+" which provides hand-picked items for sale.
Aniplex' fully-owned subsidiaries include the anime production A-1 Pictures, mobile game app developer Quatro A, and Aniplex of America which leads the animation business outside of Japan, in North and South America as well as other Anglophone countries. The joint venture company in Germany "peppermint anime GmbH" and the business alliance with "WAKANIM" in France also provide valuable stepping stones for the international market.


The game is set in the "War of the Holy Grails" and revolves around seven different eras and the seven Holy Grails. Players are required to participate in the story of each chapter and play against each other.The game begins in Chaldea, located in the snowcapped mountains 6,000 meters above sea level, in 2015 (national service in 2016). The protagonist arrives here as the last of the 48 royal lords recruited by a plan. Out of the 48 lords, 38 were from famous magicians and the average person with talent was 10. The main character (player) is an ordinary person.The combat in the game belongs to the mission mechanic, as an integral part of each mission. In Fate/Grand Order, combat is represented as command cards for orders given to followers, and command battles are played out in turn-based form. The battle is divided into tactical and command phases, with followers launching separate attacks depending on the choice of the master. Turn to enemy action after your own attack. The round ends after the enemy has moved. Before launching an attack, players can use skills, but only under certain conditions. There is no PvP setup in this game. Players need to be in formation before fighting and can choose to assist in battle.In the game, players can make friends, but the friends they make can only send followers to participate in the battle and gain friendship points. Players cannot communicate and contact in the game. Players have an ID and can make friends through ID search. Through the main task, players can understand the game's story line task is closely related to the plot, complete the main task can complete the corresponding story.

Activity quests players can participate in activity quests in the activity center. Most active tasks have a time limit. Through the activity, items and props can be obtained.

Side quests include daily tasks, which can be performed on a daily basis for rewards, depending on the task.Players can enhance two types of equipment in the game. Magic costumes can only be upgraded through combat. Combat upgrades enhance the effect of magic costumes. Players can enhance the concept of ceremonial dress by themselves. Players can consume more than one conceptual suit to enhance a conceptual suit. Consuming the same conceptual suit can increase the upper level of the conceptual suit. By strengthening the conceptual suit, the bonus attribute of the conceptual suit can be increased. All intensification consumes quanta.

NPCS are the characters who work with the player to promote the development of the story. NPCS will have different Settings in the story (such as participating in battles, invincible, etc.). Different NPCS will be antagonistic, cooperative, neutral, etc. with the player according to the story, and there are corresponding NPCS in each chapter.The game as a whole is relatively easy to get started, the early part of the basic teaching done in place, the prologue of the early story level is relatively easy to play.


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