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Lily's Garden
Lily's Garden
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  • Updated:Oct 5, 2023
    Size:331.7 MB
    Developer:Tactile Games
  • Updated:Oct 4, 2023
    Size:185 MB
    Developer:Tactile Games

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Edit Notes for Lily's Garden


Lily's Garden is a game published by Tactile Games which includes elimination and simulation. You can unravel the plot through three-elimination, and the game has a beautiful cartoon style and dress up gameplay, players in the game need to pass the levels to redecorate the manor, dress it up to your liking, the game has a wealth of decorative props to provide players with a choice. The game is based on the story line of the people and events that Lily encountered after moving and renovating her aunt's house, compared to the traditional elimination game, the story link and placement can help players better relieve mental fatigue. In this game, we will help Lily to restore the garden to its previous appearance. Because players will take over a decaying manor after entering the game, you need to collect stars to repair or replace the facilities or decorations, and the stars need to be obtained through the three elimination levels. As the time goes on, you can gradually build and unlock the whole manor.


Game features

1. Through the interesting dialogue to lead to the plot, you can enjoy the game's exciting place.

2. There are some game plots to take you into the beautiful garden, come here to meet a romantic encounter.

3. Hundreds of addictive game levels are waiting for you to challenge, collect a variety of flowers to upgrade their puzzle system.

4. Players can unlock each scene by passing the levels.

5. Players can challenge a wealth of levels, and a wealth of decorative content can be freely set, dress it up as you like.


Game highlights

1. Enjoy the heart-wrenching story through interesting and sincere dialogue!

2. Sow and expand your garden through unique locations related to the story!

3. Enjoy the hand-drawn illustrations and 3D animated characters!

4. Collect flowers by clicking them in hundreds of fascinating puzzle levels!

5. Unique game settings: trade and race, restore and decorate the garden, experience the novel storyline - all in one game!



1. There are many chances to get 30 minutes to 2 hours of unlimited lives for free!

2. Better than most decoration games. The plot is actually pretty funny. It makes you want to pay more attention to the story.



1. The storyline advertised is not related to this game.

2. The game offers huge time bonuses, but the more time you get, the slower the game gets until it stops working altogether.


Game review

The game has an overall realistic cartoon style, so in terms of the target user group, the game is suitable for all ages, but also for many casual adult players. It benefits not only the game's hundreds of addictive and rich level designs, but also to the game's creativity in terms of plot. In the process of elimination mode, this game is also very simple. In all the levels, as long as there are two colour blocks adjacent to each other to click to eliminate, the more blocks of the same colour, the more powerful the synthesis of props. Overall, whether it is the visual highlights, or the integrity of the plot, or casual elimination to bring players entertainment fun are full of very eye-catching, if you are interested in the game, you can come as soon as possible and give it a try.

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