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Edit Notes for MAKEOVER RUN


Makeover Run is a parkour game by Moonee Publishing LTD based on the theme of girls. The game is based on the gorgeous costume change of a scruffy woman. By collecting various beautiful costumes, videos and tools along the way, the scruffy female character will be dressed up as a gorgeous girl. Compared to other action parkour games of the same type, "Makeover Run" is more like a dress-up game for female characters, with the opening of the level, the game will also appear more rich and diverse clothing and styling for players to choose. Makeover Run is simple and fun to play, players need to avoid various traps in the level, collect beautiful costumes and accessories, so that they can successfully transform before reaching the bottom of the final level, each level is set up with mud puddles, dirty clothes and other traps, which are also equipped with a variety of dazzling and beautiful costumes. In order to meet the needs of the players, the game also provides a rich variety of role models waiting for players to open. At present, "Makeover Run" in the Google Play ranked No. 7, installed more than 1 million times, and it is suitable for all ages.


Game Feature

1. There is no time limit in the game, you need to safely protect the character to the end on the line, but also to collect a variety of items scattered on the road props. So that players can successfully collect the props to change their own appearance shape.

2. It has a peculiar parkour content mode, and more operation mode.


Game Highlights

1. Rich props can be used to help you run fast, and it is easy to complete the level.

2. You can control your character, there are a lot of rewards waiting for you.

3. There are different tracks for you to experience, and the ultimate smooth game play.



1. Easy and fun process

Collect different costumes character's appearance will be changed into different costumes, together to create the most personalized girl.

2. A hundred different styles

The track will randomly appear a variety of different styles of clothing, from hairstyles to clothes to shoes a variety of styles to throw your choice.

3. Simple and casual gameplay

Players just need to slide the screen with your finger to control the character's left and right movement, there will be no difficulty in getting started.



Sometimes players need to close the game and restart it. Also, there are ads that are everywhere.


Game Review

In Makeover Run, players through the collection of various props to complete their beautiful equipment, in the flash swaying body not only attracts the love of many female players, but also attracts the attention of many male players. The slender shape, realistic scenes, shining lights, and decent dress, so that the player has become the focus. From the actual experience, "Makeover Run" can be seen as the best in female-oriented level action parkour, the game through the collection of equipment in the level to complete the transformation of image. If you are a female player who likes to dress up, if you are fond of action parkour games, and if you are keen on those beautiful looks mentioned above, then please don't miss Makeover Run.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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