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Toca Life: Office
Toca Life: Office
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  • Updated:Feb 20, 2023
    Size:258.5 MB
    Developer:Toca Boca
  • Updated:Feb 20, 2023
    Developer:Toca Boca

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Toca Life: Office is a mobile game developed by Toca Boca that allows players to explore a virtual office environment. The game is designed for children aged 6-8 and provides an interactive platform for them to learn about the different aspects of an office environment. With its colorful graphics, easy-to-use interface, and engaging gameplay, Toca Life: Office is a popular choice among children who are interested in learning about the world of work.


Toca Life: Office boasts various activities and tools that create a vast interactive experience for children. One of the key features of the game is creating an office environment that children can enjoy. Players can group different office areas into floors, and each floor has its own theme. The players can choose to have a basement floor or an outdoor area for employees to take a break during lunchtime.


The game also allows children to create and customize their office staff, including office workers, receptionists, and IT support. Players can adjust each employee’s appearance and job roles. Employees can take breaks in the designated break room, complete with a snack bar that players can customize as they see fit.


Another feature of the game is the ability to create and design a workflow for each employee. Children can assign tasks and activities to each employee, including phone answering, filing, and meetings. Toca Life: Office is based on the philosophy of allowing children to take charge of their own learning experience by customizing their workflow and discovering new ways to be productive.


Game Features

1. The game features a variety of different rooms, including a reception area, a conference room, a break room, and individual offices. Each room has its own unique set of objects and characters that players can interact with. The game also features a number of mini-games and puzzles that players can complete in order to earn rewards.

2. One of the standout features of Toca Life: Office is its emphasis on creativity and exploration. Players are encouraged to use their imaginations to create their own stories and scenarios within the game. The game also allows players to customize their characters and create their own avatars, adding a personal touch to the gameplay. 


Game Highlights

1. Toca Life: Office is an engaging and entertaining game that provides children with a unique learning experience. The game’s graphics are colorful and vibrant, creating an immersive environment that draws players in. The characters and objects within the game are also well-designed and add to the overall experience.

2. One of the standout highlights of Toca Life: Office is its educational value. The game provides children with a glimpse into the world of work and allows them to learn about different professions and job roles. The game also teaches children about teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, all of which are important in the workplace.



1. Toca Life: Office is easy and straightforward to play, making it perfect for children to learn.

2. It’s educational, as it teaches children the basics of the workplace while being entertaining.

3. It promotes creativity as children can create and customize their own office and staff.

4. It encourages responsibility as children manage and assign tasks to each employee.



1. The game may become repetitive after a few hours of gameplay.

2. The game’s simplicity may not be appealing to older children, specifically those over the age of 9.


Game Review

In conclusion, Toca Life: Office is a great game designed for children who want to experience daily routines in an office environment. This game exhibits several features that enhance children’s experiences and creativity with a virtual environment. The possibility of exploring various departments and tasks enhances learning opportunities for children. Additionally, the game’s simplicity and clear instructions make it easy for children to use.

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