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Matchington Mansion
Matchington Mansion
  • Updated:Mar 4, 2024
    Size:401.2 MB
    Developer:Magic Tavern
  • Updated:Mar 13, 2024
    Size:401.2 MB
    Developer:Magic Tavern

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Edit Notes for Matchington Mansion


Matchington Mansion is a fresh and exquisite management game, if you come to the world of Matchington Mansion, you can have a super dream home, you can freely relax and swim in the manor. And you also eliminate all kinds of things through the challenge of all kinds of levels, but also have furniture to decorate, and dress up their homes. Thus, you can create your own unique manor!


Game features

1. The game features easy and casual triple elimination, there is also more detailed newbie careful guidance.

2. The game is simple and rich in content with a very detailed gameplay and settings.

3. The game combines a lot of interesting pictures, and a variety of beautiful picture settings.

4. In the game, players need to bring you easy and highly playable elimination.

5. The game is set to produce a lot of fun and freedom of dress up content and game theme elements.


Game highlights

1. As the game progresses, players will unlock more new areas, which have more content and gameplay.

2. The player can completely according to their own wishes to play the game, giving you a strong autonomy.

3. The game has a lot of characters, they can issue the corresponding tasks, and their interaction can give you a lot of surprises.

4. According to their own preferences and requirements, they can feel the romantic and interesting scenes, and try to operate a blend of tactical style.



1. There are many adventure skillful duels.

2. Here will be unique background music and perspective.

3. It has the familiar background music.

4. The game has opened a beautiful and happy life, through the modification of wonderful equipment.



It takes a long time to load the next game.


Game review

I believe that many players have played the classic game of elimination. That games have a simple and elegant interface, appropriate time control and beautiful music. But I don't know if you've ever played a casual game that combines construction and elimination? Matchington Mansion is a very interesting casual puzzle game, the background of the game is an abandoned manor as the theme, you will be able to experience the beautiful graphics, and at the same time, your friend Tiffany, quirky characters, a family cat or pet dog will assist you! And it also incorporates a lot of content, and the most important is that it will bring you a relaxed theme graphics style, as well as easy and casual elimination. Then it has a high degree of freedom of personalized house dressing, a variety of furniture customization, and a more detailed newcomer carefully guide, which is dedicated to letting you feel a more unique and interesting game experience. Last but not the least, the difficulty of the level is from easy to difficult, when you encounter a really tricky level, you can use props to help you, props can reduce the difficulty of the level for you, to help you easily break through the level successfully. So if you are interested in Matchington Mansion, come and experience it!

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