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Project Makeover
Project Makeover
  • Updated:May 6, 2022
    Size:323.9 MB
    Developer:Magic Tavern
  • Updated:May 5, 2022
    Developer:Magic Tavern

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Edit Notes for Project Makeover


Project Makeover is a beauty theme casual game launched by foreign game company Bubble gum Games. Players in the game as a transformation master, with a variety of dress up, clothing, home, and other props, to help the game's characters to transform, to achieve the dream, help the nerd girl to create the world's fashion star. Many fashionable clothing, a variety of beautiful issues and makeup, and even the house furniture dress up, can become the goal of the player transformation. Let’s help the characters in the game to achieve various dreams. Providing users with a makeover, from appearance to dress code, and even personal room decorations are included to give users the confidence to realise their dreams. The overall feel of the game is remarkably similar to Homescapes, where players gain revenue with the help of the core gameplay, then enjoy the growth and challenges through the beautiful and realistic plot mode, and gradually reach their great dreams under the guidance of the main game line.


Game features

1. A casual game of hair cutting with extremely simple gameplay.

2. First of all, its content is relatively comprehensive, you can play this game at any time.

3. Specially arranged designers to create the appearance of the image.


Game highlights

1. In the game, you will help a variety of people to choose fashionable clothes, hair, makeup, etc.

2. Your customers will have a fresh look and become the forefront of fashion professionals.

3. A variety of dress up style will produce changes, looking for more types of props.

4. Make a choice from the many fashionable clothes to create a flawless appearance.

5. Great makeover for clients who need help to follow their dreams with confidence.



1. This game was fascinating from the beginning. They play by earning gold to buy items for transformation, which is very interesting and rewarding.

2. Transform those who need to be transformed in the game and experience the infinite sense of accomplishment of successful transformation.



1. It loads very slowly in recent updates and improvements.

2. It takes a lot of time and money to pass the level.


Game review

Project Makeover has exquisite and realistic graphics. Compared to other casual games such as "Homescapes" which are purely based on scene building and opening, the game itself adds character transformation content, allowing players to not only transform the layout and decoration of the interior, but also help users in the game to carry out a comprehensive upgrade and transformation, gradually transforming the sloppy geek girl into an avant-garde and fashionable idol, showing their charm, and gaining them explosive revenue.


From the actual experience, "Project Makeover" has great power for triple elimination lovers. The exquisite and delicate graphics, simple and interesting triple elimination gameplay, and mysterious and unknown transformation targets are the potential motivation for users to play the game. This attraction also in turn attracts players to keep opening levels, passing them, and getting more props and gains from opening scenes. If you like to experience free games, if you are very much looking forward to transforming your life to realise your dreams, then please do not easily miss "Project Makeover".

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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  • I love this game so much.

    by Skylar Kelly 25 Apr,2021
  • i don't know wat to pres? and i do not like this game.i like games a lot bot not wen i dont know wat to pres. So i do not like it its not for me. i am 7 years old

    by Athyna son. 2 Mar,2021
  • How can I Play

    by Sofia 5 Feb,2021
  • good game

    by 10 12 Jan,2021
  • good job

    by meyanna 12 Jan,2021

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