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Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
  • Updated:Jan 22, 2024
    Size:97.2 MB
    Developer:RobTop Games
  • Updated:Jan 21, 2024
    Developer:RobTop Games

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Edit Notes for Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is an adventure rythm game with a minimalist cartoon style. It is also a game which tests the player's reaction. In the game, players need to jump and sprint through simple action to avoid various obstacles and traps. At the same time, the game's screen structure is very simple which is composed of geometry, such as triangles, squares, rhombuses, etc. And the game's world is composed of these shapes, although the structure is simple, the gameplay is not simple at all. The game is a landscape 2D tap-to-the-beat game to highlight the characteristics of the features in the game. The developer cleverly distinguish each shape by different colors. The most amazing thing about the game is that the music rhythm and the player's jumping rhythm are almost synchronized, if you are sensitive to music, you may be able to close your eyes and step on the rhythm to avoid all the traps and obstacles, which is quite interesting.


Game features

1. This is a rhythm-based game!

2. There are lots of levels with unique soundtracks!

3. Build and share your own levels with the level editor!

4. Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!

5. You can use the practice mode to improve your skills!

6. There are lots of achievements and rewards!

7. No in-app purchases!


Game highlights

1. There are something hidden which need you to continue to pass the levels.

2. The player running to the right in the main screen of Geometry Dash, click on him to unlock new colors and new skins for scoring.

3. Player should explore the land and find out the secrets in the hidden world of Geometry Dash! Hurry up and find out!



1. Parkour games, which adapts to the modern trend.

2. The constant change of scenes and different combinations of obstacles, exercise the player's eyesight and operation.

3. Passionate background music, better stimulate the player's love for this game.



1. It will automatically restart after each encounter with an obstacle, which makes the player's patience somewhat lacking.

2. Currently only the Android version is available for download, looking forward to more compatible mode downloads.


Game review

This game is said to be a parkour game, but I think it can also be called a music game, in the process of parkour, intense and active background music to keep the player's spirit completely concentrated state. The sound of landing blocks in the game with the background music makes the player can't help but sway with the music, giving people a sense of immersion.


The screen production is simple and rough, but the active music will change with the combination of different obstacles and different scene mode. The game mode that the blocks run faster and faster makes the game challenging for players, so it is an extremely addictive game.


In general, this game has clear graphics and beautiful design, a variety of props greatly improve the playability of the game. The game also supports DIY level function, players can make their own levels. All of these game features are what players are looking for.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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