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MONOPOLY Slots - Casino Games
MONOPOLY Slots - Casino Games
  • Updated:Jan 14, 2024
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  • Updated:Jan 10, 2024
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Monopoly is a tabletop game which has more beautiful graphics and boasts of fast paced gameplay. Trade properties in secret, make strong deals, and take bold risks to reap millions in cash. Players can buy palatial dream properties and show off upgradeable pieces. At the same time, you can compete with friends via pass mode or local WIFI and get lucky with Fortune or Millionaire Lifestyle cards. The game continues the classic casual strategy style of the series, introduces new real estate information, and makes some adjustments to the economic system and random system. If you like Monopoly, come and experience it.


Game features

1. A Realistic and vivid game world

A 3D city is located in the center of the game board for players to enter and play. Players have a small world where each community has its own unique style, and friendly residents interact with players, celebrating their accomplishments and bringing a whole new dimension to the game experience. Enjoy what you have and watch the empire you've built grow!


2. Freedom to play according to personal preference

Players can change the rules of the game to make them fit their own style of play. Choose the famous "Fast Dice Mode" to add the fun, or experience the 6 modes selected by players around the world.


Game highlights

1. The game operation is relatively simple, the number of steps you take depends on the number of dice points.

2. Players can use props to change the situation, there are a variety of tasks waiting for you to complete.

3. The game supports multiplayer online battles, especially it is more interesting to play the game together with friends when they gather.

4. It is set in a beautiful 3D animated city, carefully designed to make the whole family enjoy an easy interactive mobile experience.

5. Go around the board, buy properties, collect rents, build hotels and become a landlord tycoon.



1. One of the most popular and greatest board games of all time

2. Quality experience: No ad, no risk.

3. Game rules: Play the most common rules of the game.

4. Fast mode: Finish the board game faster than ever.

5. Single player game: Play against our AI without friends or family.

6. Online Multiplayer: Play online with people from all over the world in different cities or countries/regions or create private games with your friends and family without any risk.



The player has to download any of the software in the pop-up list before starting the game.


Game review

First of all, there is a very realistic paper tabletop chessboard, which can be zoomed in and out at will, and the details are excellent. The animation effects such as rolling dice and moving various pieces are natural and smooth, and the camera is easy and fast to switch between distant views. At the same time, the game provides a variety of 3D game scenes in different styles, and players can choose according to their preferences.


Secondly, there is a classic and elegant game background music, nice dice rolling, paper friction and other sound effects give a very realistic image, so that players get a more immersive three-dimensional virtual chess board experience.


In short, this game is still good, the game can also shake the phone and click the button to throw the dice, which is also a major feature of the game.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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