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Rob Master 3D
Rob Master 3D
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  • Updated:Nov 10, 2023
    Size:254.8 MB
  • Updated:Nov 3, 2023
    Size:132 MB

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Edit Notes for Rob Master 3D


Rob Master 3D is a fun casual game based on the theme of theft published by Alictus. Players embed themselves in various places and collect precious items, and the various mini-games in the game release the pressure you have accumulated for a long time, allowing you to experience the tension and thrill.


It has many similarities with Super Spice Challenge. The two games, also published by Alictus, are identical in terms of genre, but the only difference lies in the theme of the game, with the former choosing to theft and the latter revolving around chili peppers.


In terms of gameplay, Rob Master 3D introduces more than ten different types of gameplay in many different genres, such as casual, simulation and puzzle, and many classic and popular gameplay are incorporated in the game. And in particular, the simulation experience is the main gameplay, the game brings together a variety of interactions such as cutting, racing, smearing, etc., providing players with a wonderful and varied game experience. Of course, the diverse combination of gameplay also brings the problem of fragmented core experience, but for users who are keen on a single core gameplay, Rob Master 3D does not provide a more complete and comfortable solo gaming experience. On the contrary, the game itself is a good experience for the average user who just likes to experience it.


Currently, Rob Master 3D is ranked 9th on the Google Play free game popular list, with more than 1 million installs and content rated as suitable for all users over 10 years old. It has received more than 1,700 reviews and has a rating of 3.7.



Game Feature

1. This is a really amazing game where you can always have fun and we need to be careful to finally complete the theft mission to make money!

2. Sometimes we have to be careful with what we get because there are many things that can not be stolen, which will only attract the police to catch you!

3. There are two open maps throughout the game where you can find more props to enrich their wallets, being a thief is really a very test of skill!


Game Highlights

1. The game uses cartoon style, this realistic cartoon style brings us the visual experience.

2. The game uses a top-down perspective, so the game gives players a strong sense of immersion.

3. There are many rich props, we are free to use in the game, these props have different functional characteristics.

4. There are a lot of levels with different difficulty, which will test the player's strategy.



1. It has many game copies with a variety of interesting scenarios set.

2. It has easy entertainment game play, which can make you relieve.



1. All levels are repeated over and over again, and will lose their challenge after playing for a long time.

2. There are some ads. It may also not be possible to keep the characters you unlock.


Game Review

The graphics in Rob Master 3D uses the realistic 3D modeling, in order to better restore the real scene, as much as possible to improve the degree of simulation with reality to create a real-world game experience, so that players seem to be in the real world in general.


If you want to experience the coolness of the Stealer, if you are fond of simulation, then please do not miss "Rob Master 3D" easily.

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