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Solar Smash
Solar Smash
  • Updated:Dec 19, 2023
    Size:694 MB
    Developer:Paradyme Games
  • Updated:Nov 28, 2023
    Size:694 MB
    Developer:Paradyme Games

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Edit Notes for Solar Smash


Solar Smash is an amazing simulation game that allows players to experience the shock of destroying the solar system. In this game, you play as a super destroyer with the ability to destroy planets, stars, and the entire solar system.


One of the advantages of Solar Smash is its excellent graphics and visual effects. The game uses realistic 3D graphics to make players feel as if they are in the universe. The details and textures of the planets and stars are very fine, giving a real sense of texture. When you launch a devastating attack, you will see amazing explosions and shattering effects, giving a sense of shock and excitement. In Solar Smash, you can choose from different weapons and attacks to destroy various celestial bodies in the solar system. You can use missiles, lasers, black holes and other powerful weapons to destroy planets and stars. Each weapon has its own unique features and effects, allowing players to let their imagination and creativity run wild.


However, it is important to note that Solar Smash is not a traditional game, it is more like a simulator. The game has no clear goal and mission, and players are free to destroy celestial bodies and let their imagination run wild. This makes the game potentially unchallenging and lacking in depth for some players.


Game Features

1. Realistic physics: Solar Smash uses a highly realistic physics engine so that every object in the game has realistic mass and gravity. Players can personally experience the enormous power and destruction of planetary collisions, deepening the sense of reality of the game.

2. Multiple destruction methods: The game offers multiple destruction methods, and players can choose to use different weapons and powers to destroy planets and planets. For example, players can use bombs, lasers, comet impacts and other ways to destroy celestial bodies, experience different destruction effects and fun.


Game Highlights

1. Gorgeous visuals: Solar Smash has beautiful graphics and gorgeous special effects that make the gameplay more visually striking. Players can enjoy the gorgeous galaxies in space, the flashing of lasers and the spectacular scenes of broken planets, adding to the visual enjoyment of the game.

2. Freedom and creativity: The game is set in space, giving players a high degree of freedom and creativity. Players can choose different weapons and destruction methods to create unique scenes and displays according to their imagination and preferences.



Solar Smash has a wide variety of celestial objects, including Earth, Mars, Moon, etc., each with unique characteristics and attributes. Players can choose different celestial bodies to destroy and experience different game challenges and fun.



Solar Smash's lack of clear game goals, allowing players to freely simulate destruction and destruction, can lead to a lack of motivation and sense of purpose in the game.


Game Review

The game has a variety of different celestial bodies for players to choose from, including the Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. Each celestial body has its own unique characteristics and properties, such as size, gravity, atmosphere, etc. Players can use a variety of powerful weapons and tools to destroy these celestial bodies, such as meteorites, black holes, supernovae, etc.


The game also offers a variety of modes for players to choose from. You can choose Freedom Mode, in which you can destroy and destroy celestial bodies at will, without any restrictions. You can also choose Challenge Mode, in which you need to complete a series of missions and objectives, such as destroying a specific object or destroying as many objects as possible in a set time.


Solar Smash is a very exciting and addictive game. Not only does it provide stunning visuals, but it also lets players experience what it feels like to be God. Whether you want to release stress or just experience the thrill of destruction, this game will bring you endless fun and satisfaction. Download the game and begin your journey to destroy the universe!

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