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Mobile Legends: Adventure
Mobile Legends: Adventure
  • Updated:Oct 26, 2022
    Size:232.7 MB
  • Updated:Oct 25, 2022
    Size:146.5 MB

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Mobile Legends: Adventure is a role-playing game released by Moonton. As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang authentic license, there are grand maps, rich hero plot and easy game rhythm, and you can enjoy different game experience, so you can have full of gorgeous game effects. Let's start a new adventure on the dawn continent together!


Game features

1. The hang-up mode placement battle can get a lot of resources and be easy to upgrade. Send out your squad and the heroes will fight for you automatically! 10 minutes a day, you can participate in this fantasy adventure!

2. Rich strategic content 6 professions, dozens of powerful heroes, which will show your unique hero match and skill combination! Collect and forge upgraded runes and equipment to greatly enhance your combat power! You can enjoy the fun of the game with simple operation!

3. Challenge infinite levels of battles, dungeons, tower of heaven and all kinds of exciting content waiting for you to challenge!

4. Global players can compete in the same arena, providing a good platform for those who love competition! Form alliances with your partners and challenge guild bosses together!

5. Unlock the legendary story with the lovely Leila to start the adventure of the dawn continent, gradually reveal the history of the truth, witness the epic battle of the different camps!

6. The world's most popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's exclusive licensed sequel! Real restoration of the game's hero image, the new game mode to bring you more different experience!


Game highlights

1. Players in the adventure process can continue to unlock new heroes and weapons.

2. In the game it has more ways to play, we can fight against the powerful heroes all together.

3. Advanced 3D physics engine to create the ultimate high-definition exquisite game graphics, gorgeous map scenes, which bring shocking visual enjoyment.

4. It has retro magic painting style, gorgeous and exquisite character portraits, and colorful fashion to create a personalized and stylish look.



1. It has a magnificent game map.

2. You can have a relaxed and fun game rhythm experience.

3. You can also play offline to gain experience and resources



1. Developers keep updating one after another.

2. It can not add friends across the region.


Game review

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a card-raising adventure game, players can collect their favorite heroes, the cultivation process, coupled with some plot-style combat dialogue, so you can freely operate your characters to release skills, super cool and super feeling. At the same time, the game provides many heroes for players to choose, you will need to match them to challenge a variety of levels and copies, and can also compete with other players.


At the same time, it is also a very prominent style of secondary theme game, new adventure elements fun placement gameplay is very interesting, the real restoration of the characters gives you more surprises. In addition, the game has a wide map for players to freely explore. If you are interested in placement and adventure, come and enjoy Mobile Legends: Adventure.

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