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Earn to Die
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In Earn to Die, players have to survive during a zombie apocalypse. You will drive through zombies and crash into them in order to escape from their chase. You are literally stuck in a sea of zombies and have only an ill-functional car and some cash with yourself. Apart from risking yourself through zombies by driving a car, you also need to earn cash to unlock new cars to upgrade. Moreover, there are more than cars, you can also unlock weapons of guns, spikes, and boosters for you to protect yourself. Earn to Die has achieved great success, enjoying popularity among over 200 M players online.


Game Features

1. An extended storyline is available in which players can drive across the country at an age of zombie apocalypse.

2. Players can manage 8 vehicles of a truck, a school bus, and race-car, etc.

3. Players can customize their vehicles with a variety of updated features.

4. Players will meet a bunch of zombies.

5. Cars are equipped with authentic engines which enable players to crash zombies.

6. Championship mode is available.

7. Halloween mode is available.


Game Highlights

1. Authentic Zombie apocalypse experience

2. Excellent presentation of graphics

3. A variety of car choices

4. Unlock new features by earning cash


1. A variety of car choices

Players are allowed to manage 8 different vehicles and even customize those cars with unlocked elements.

2. Exciting story background

Everyone will fall in love with the fascinating story setting of a zombie apocalypse.

3. Authentic Mechanics

Players can have an authentic experience of driving and bumping into zombies

4. Challenging levels of difficulty

The game is interestingly challenging because it requires players to earn cash to purchase new cars and unlock new features of the game.



1. Same as the old version

The game is exactly the same as the old version players used to play in their childhood while they purchase the game hoping to find something new.

2. Outdated

The game seems abandoned by developers and it can’t keep up with changes in the Android system.

3. Repetitive

Though the game is exciting at the beginning, soon players will find out the repetitiveness of the game.


Game Review

Earn to Die offers players an immersive survival experience during a Zombie Apocalypse. Players only have a car and some cash at their disposal. Meanwhile, they need to drive through zombies despite the fact that the car could only directly crash into zombies in order to get through. On the one hand, it is super popular among players due to its great features. First of all, it has an amazing storyline that could attract players’ attention. Secondly, it allows players to choose, unlock, and customize their cars along their way to escape. Thirdly, the real-life mechanics make it possible for players to experience authentic driving experiences through zombies. On the other hand, it is also criticized by some players for the following reasons. To begin with, many players who download this game have already experienced it when they were young. The reason why they want to try it now is that they want to find something new. Yet, what is disappointing is that this version is exactly the same as the previous version. Next, the game is quite outdated and developers seem to have abandoned the game. Finally, though it is a fun game at first, players will soon find out the repetitive attribute of the game as the progress of their gameplay. On the whole, Earn to Die is a fun and great game, except that it needs effort from the developers’ side to improve the game.

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