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Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
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  • Updated:Mar 22, 2023
    Size:1.7 GB
    Developer:TINYBUILD LLC
  • Updated:May 23, 2023
    Size:1 GB
    Developer:TINYBUILD LLC

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Edit Notes for Hello Neighbor


Hello Neighbor is a role-playing horror-adventure game produced by Dynamic and published by tinyBuild for the PC, which is produced by the independent game development team Dynamic Pixels, the game also has a strong strategic. In the game, the player plays as the protagonist living in a calm suburban neighborhood, suspected that the neighbors have hidden secrets in the basement and want to sneak into the neighbor's home. And this time, your neighbors start to become alert, the neighbor AI will not only guess and predict your behavior, but also set traps and obstacles to try to capture you alive. Essentially this is a smaller scale sandbox game where players develop strategies to navigate their neighbors in non-linear scenarios. The game switches to new houses and neighbors during the game, always using the secrets hidden in the basement to draw the player forward. In addition, the game also integrates sandbox and campaign gameplay, if the player frequently enters the room through the front door, then the door will be locked before the next action.


Game Feature

1. You will search Rod's house and look for the community where the missing children are hiding.

2. Pay attention to observe the house, avoid all traps Rod will not find your trail, you can continue to explore.

3. You need to use the strong logical reasoning, find the hidden props to open the room and find a secret room.


Game Highlights

1. The entire content of the game is quite rich, and a variety of exciting and interesting puzzle elements are also very brain-burning!

2. The whole game is based on a very delicate cartoon rendering style, clear mapping and realistic light rendering.

3. The game has a lot of levels, and each level has a rich selection of plots!



1. It has fresh and delicate cartoon style picture and interesting gameplay.

2. You can explore the secrets of the next door neighbors, and solve a variety of puzzles.

3. Beware of all kinds of traps, and then you can experience the super exciting challenge.



Hello neighbor also has operational flaws, due to the sensitivity and operation problems, it is often easy to encounter jumping out or easy to jump off the situation, the 3D first view in the intense search process will also be more dizzy.


Game Review

The game's painting style is also some surprisingly unique, although it is a horror game, the game is not the general horror game used realistic game graphics, but a slightly exaggerated cartoon style graphics. At the same time, the game is essentially an action puzzle game with some sandbox elements, the player needs to combine common sense with some of the objects in the scene to interact, such as using some hard things to break the window to flip into the house, large objects can be used to pad the feet and so on, through a variety of ways to the neighbor's room to explore. Although it seems simple, but the game's neighbor is quite sensitive, the most damaging is that he can not only find your trail through hearing and vision, but also according to the player's actions in the game behavior self-learning, intelligence continues to grow! So if you are interested in adventure games and puzzle games, come and enjoy Hello Neighbor!

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