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Getting Over It
Getting Over It
  • Updated:Jul 26, 2021
    Size:248.3 MB
    Developer:Bennett Foddy
  • Updated:October 6, 2020
    Developer:Bennett Foddy

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Edit Notes for Getting Over It


Getting Over It is a punishing rock-climbing game, produced and launched by Bennett Foddy, the producer of the magical game "QWOP", this game has a novel gameplay and a minimalist style of painting. It is a very interesting casual game with the same style that makes people want to play, in which players can jump, sway, climb and leap. Great mysteries and beauty seconds of reward await the hiker who reaches the top. What kind of game is this? In the game, the player will play a man who lives in a cauldron and holds a long-handled hammer. And you need to use the hammer, and constantly climb up the mountain composed of rocks, furniture and all kinds of strange things, and finally climb out of the atmosphere, flying into space, then you finally beat the game. Although it looks very simple, you can fall of at any tie and you may become upset, I believe that the experience of the game is so painful that players are abused to tears. Because if you are careless, you will immediately go back to the beginning of the game to start over again.


Game features

1. The only prop is a hammer.

2. These are problems of a philosophical nature.

3. This game will take at least two hours and more to complete the first time.


Game highlights

1. Experience a whole new level of frustration you didn't know you could handle.

2. Incredible rewards await hikers who reach the top.



1. The game is simple in drawing style.

2. The gameplay is rich and interesting.

3. The game players can experience a new game play here, take you here to feel a different game experience.



1. Improper operation may be infinite backward.

2. It sometimes has game bugs.


Game review

Getting Over It is very easy to play for some Internet users, and the speed of passing the game can even reach within 2 minutes, but this game is a nightmare for players who are not good at such games.


This game, in fact, really impressed me.


It's not about how comfortable it is to play, how fine the graphics are, or how perfect the gameplay is. Rather, I had a full sense of involvement. Games are sometimes called the art of interaction, and in Getting Over It, the player interact with the game to the extreme.


I often wonder what that mountain really is. It's a grocery pile of rocks, houses, and other jumbled items, the heart of the game, the difficulty that players want to overcome over and over again. Yet the mountain doesn't actually exist: when I quit the game, it disappears.


"Understand so that you can believe, believe so that you can understand." If you believe that this mountain is just a silly joke of the author, then all the mockery in the narration will help you further understand. However, if you believe that climbing this mountain really means something, then all of your giving and moving will also be infinitely expanded.


All in all, is a great game that you can come and experience, if you like this game, don’t miss it!

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