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Toca Life World
Toca Life World
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  • Updated:Jan 16, 2024
    Size:598.2 MB
    Developer:Toca Boca
  • Updated:Jan 10, 2024
    Size:807 MB
    Developer:Toca Boca

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Edit Notes for Toca Life World


Toca Life World is a casual cartoon adventure game inspired from the animated series. In the game, players can experience the fun of the classic, cartoon adventure world, there is a variety of different game content which brings you the best experience it can offer. At the same time, Toca Life World offers you a lot of freedom, where you can do a variety of things, such as getting into mischief, or destruction. You can also stop those characters, who are trying to destroy things. There are also many other good points as follows:


Firstly, as a very fun, casual puzzle game, Toca Life World integrates the content from the Toca Life series, altogether in one, creating a huge game world. Here you can create your own world and play through any story you like. The game has many dress-up materials that allow you to create a character just for you, and then let you play as them freely in this world.


Secondly, as a very popular game among children, the children's lives are filled with never ending fun as they live the life of their character, they come together with others to enjoy a new experience, make happy memories with their friends. Whether they go outside to play games, or go to the countryside for outings they can increase the relationship between each other, in a cordial atmosphere it can make you feel so full, you can also go to the supermarket, stores, etc. You can also go to different places to shop, you need to know more knowledge in this big world.

Game features

1. There are 8 different locations for you to explore, including barber stores, shopping malls, food courts, and even apartments.

2. All data is synced so you can mix and match any locations and characters you want to build for your own brand new world.

3. Consistent updates include adding new locations, characters, and crazy things to do on a regular basis.

Game highlights

1. Diversity of experiences in life in a simulation and realistic plot can be a good exercise of children's habits.

2. Deal with different people and participate in different activities bring excitement to a previously boring life.

3. Encourages you to be reasonable and clever when using items and props, so you can enjoy the game.


1. It is very popular among children.

2. It has cute cartoon style.

3. You can choose many different images.


1. Free houses lessen as you progress and you need to eventually pay for them.

2. There are sometimes some bugs. For example, when you exit the game and re-enter, data is lost and you lose progress.

Game review

The game has very simple game graphics and has original ideas for game play, so that your life has a more regular behavior. From all aspects to regulate the children's daily activities, while not being able to limit their own inner imagination and creativity. You can aspire to live a better life with your partners and be away from those living a boring life. We are able to get along with our teachers and classmates and make the relationship more harmonious so that we can move on to a changed life where every day is a wonderful experience.

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  • I vote this game because it’s fun for kids

    by Katherine 15 Jun,2022
  • This game is amazing I have to pay for it but I love the houses it’s really fun to play others love it too

    by Jasmine freeman 7 May,2022
  • This would make kids happy and have so much fun

    by LIAH 3 May,2022
  • I love this game because I can do videos and decorating houses but sometimes I have to pay money to get us set but I love the game

    by Alex 3 Apr,2022
  • Eu amo este jogo mas nao da pr baixar no pc mais eu gosto muito por mim eu dava 5 estrelas,dei 4 e meio pelo problema do jogo baixar no pc so que eu adoro muito bom pode baixa espero q isso ajude .

    by Aninha 4 Feb,2022
  • i like this game forevor

    by decerae saco 24 Nov,2021
  • This is a very good game. It‘s really nice

    by Animalsaresocute 14 Nov,2021
  • This game is my favourite I can dress the Dallas like me and I have my dream house there to

    by Mia 9 Nov,2021
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