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Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga
  • Updated:Sep 12, 2022
    Size:208.4 MB
  • Updated:Aug 29, 2022
    Size:103 MB

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Pet Rescue Saga is a fun casual game developed by King. The goal of the game is to catch all the falling animals by controlling the boat at the bottom of the screen. The difficult and challenging puzzle levels are waiting for you in this amazing adventure. Match two or more blocks of the same color to remove obstacles and rescue the pets from the evil bandits! But the number of steps is limited, so you need to plan it well. Challenge your puzzle solving skills in this fun and cute elimination game! You can play alone or with your friends to see who's the top scorer in this legendary puzzle game!


Game features

1. It has the most casual and simple mode to create users, who can easily feel the fun of the game.

2. There are a large number of different types of game levels waiting for your online challenge, you can explore a variety of interesting content by selecting each level.

3. It has the most casual puzzle elimination mode of play, players are also able to easily get started to play this game.

4. It will also come with a lot of rewards in each level, players can receive it according to the completion of each level.


Game highlights

1. About the level selection, it has a variety of options, so the user can easily select the level they want to challenge to enter the game.

2. As for checking the pet, it will have a trapped pet on each level, you need to check its location to find a route to eliminate it.

3. About the color click, after clicking the same color, you can complete the game, and the more squares you eliminate the higher the score you will get.



1. It has beautiful graphics and colorful game style.

2. With the joyful background music, it also has the puzzle elements.



1. There will be some bugs. When the level starts, it says you have lost the game before you play the game.

2. It takes long time to load and sometimes the screen turns black and you have to quit the game.


Game review

After "Candy Crush Saga" and "Candy Crush Soda Saga", game developer KING has once again launched a pet-themed triple elimination game "Pet Rescue Saga". Players in this game will embark on the adventure of rescuing pets. The basic gameplay of Pet Rescue Saga inherits the features of "Candy Crush Saga" and "Candy Crush Soda Saga", so users can get started in the game as soon as possible, while it has the pet-themed story plot, powerful magic props, and over 30 kinds of pet collection features. So this gameplay can bring more fun for our players, and when we are bored we can use Pet Rescue Saga to kill the time.


At the same time, the game's operation is very simple and easy to learn, but players should brain their minds to play the game well. While playing Pet Rescue Saga, players can enjoy the exquisite and beautiful game screen, what are you waiting for? Hurry up to carry out the challenge!

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