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Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
  • Updated:Jan 22, 2024
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Edit Notes for Farm Heroes Saga


Are you still playing Candy Crush Saga, and do you remember that Candy Crush Saga sometimes give you a sense of accomplishment when you pass a level? King has released this Farm Heroes Saga which is a cute triple elimination leveling game. The game is no longer aimless elimination, but each level to collect all the required crops in a specified number of steps, when you collect far more than the required number, you can feel the joy of the harvest. This game has beautiful graphics and lovely sound effects, which is very suitable for killing time! Come and enjoy it!


Game features

1. Pick stars in the punching tractor and challenge your friends to collect stars and rewards.

2. Updated magic props, special aids and farm club animals will help you complete more challenging levels.

3. The game is simple and fun, but not easy to master.


Game highlights

4. Collect all the designated crops before you run out of moves.

5. It has stress-relieving and relaxing triple elimination gameplay.

6. Hero mode: If there are still steps left, you can get extra points.



1. The main feature of the game is the casual style.

2. Exquisite graphics and lovely sounds make the overall rhythm of the game cheerful and pleasant.

3. The various animals and crops are brightly colored cartoon characters.



You will have visual fatigue after watching for a long time.


Game review

Compared to "Crush Candy Saga", the object of elimination in "Farm Heroes Saga" is changed from candy to fruits, flowers, crops and farm animals. In terms of graphics, the game is more gorgeous and detailed with each elimination object adding expressions and simple expression changes during the elimination process. At the same time, the special effects are also made more gorgeous, there will even be full-screen effects when there are more than 4 elimination objects to eliminate, so that players are very enjoyable. In the style of painting, it also continues cute style of painting. Compared to "Crush Candy Saga", because the color saturation is not as good as the former, the color match of "Farm Heroes Saga" adopts the color with similar tone.


In terms of sound effects, "Farm Heroes Saga" has added many new elements. Each kind of fruit, flowers and crops are eliminated with different sounds. The main theme is a light and bright idyllic background music, bringing players a fresh feeling.


In terms of the plot, the player can keep completing levels in the game from their own small farm to the spring farm, and then to the summer flowers like a mirror farm, autumn fruitful orchards, winter snow-covered farms. But the main plot is also relatively simple, as a farmer, the protagonist is to harvest the ripe crops, to protect their livestock from being stolen by wolves and foxes.


In terms of gameplay, “Farm Heroes Saga" has also been greatly improved on the basis of "Crush Candy Saga". For example, in the level with flowers, players need to eliminate other crops around the flowers three times before they can be harvested.


In addition to the visual fatigue, "Farm Heroes Saga" both in the style, sound and gameplay are considered another classic elimination game launched by King. Don't wait, come to the farm to become a hero!

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