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Catwalk Beauty
Catwalk Beauty
  • Updated:Nov 22, 2021
    Version:186.3 MB
    Developer:Smillage, Inc.
  • Updated:Dec 13, 2023
    Developer:Smillage, Inc.

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Edit Notes for Catwalk Beauty


Catwalk beauty is a fun dress-up action game by Creat better games. Players assume the role of an elegant and cutting-edge female persona, selecting the appropriate clothing, shoes, hats, and accessories in a variety of outdoor settings, and earning points from three assessors for dressing impeccably. Catwalk Beauty is centered on the idea of matching women's attire, offering the appropriate clothing in various degrees so that players can select their preferred outfit content. A higher position on the worldwide leaderboard at the conclusion of each level encourages users to work harder and spend more time playing.


The gameplay of Catwalk beauty is simple but not easy, because in each level you only need to choose the corresponding clothing, shoes, hats and accessories, and you don't need to think about the character's left and right movement, picking up or dodging props, etc. On the other hand, although it seems very simple, the game's virtual opponent poses a serious threat to the player; if the player chooses a match but is unable to defeat the opponent, the level would be deemed a failure. The requirement to organize the matter's dressing style in accordance with the current situation is the game's central theme.


"Catwalk beauty" is now the runner-up free game on Google Play with more than 100,000 installations. Its content is rated as suitable for teenagers, contains some nude imagery, has access to more than 1000 comments, and has a 4.6 overall rating.


Game Feature

1. Use parkour to control the character and gain more cheers; the game's art aesthetic is outstanding.

2. Constantly switching up one's attire in order to garner more praise, such as by challenging partners.

3. A fun casual puzzle game that is easy to operate and play.


Game Highlights

1. Play a cartoon-style game with your fingers and enjoy the delightful gameplay.

2. There are numerous game activities available for you to challenge.



1. Test your reflexes in this free casual game with a choice of various outfits.

2. To earn more points at the show, you must dress in various fashions and appear in various booths.

3. Real PK game with players dressed in a range of outfits for an unexpected and thrilling gaming experience.



There might be some bugs and other issues.


Game Review

The game has made a significant reversal, casting the player directly into the action from directly ahead. Each level is separated into more than dry regions, and players can select attire, tops, shoes, accessories, etc. for each location. From actual experience, "Catwalk beauty" carries on the recent momentum of the popular action parkour game genre, but it focuses on the objective to choose the dress-up game rather than the collection of play in order to increase the game of conflict and pleasure. The level dressing throughout the levels and the judges' scores at the bottom of the levels offer the players a strong sense of crisis, increasing the intensity of the human-machine conflict in the game. One of the best ways to encourage people to move forward is the eventual appearance of the worldwide leaderboard.

If you are fond of the recent popular parkour games, if you like to experience a variety of different dresses, if you are extremely confident in your dressing aesthetics, then please do not miss "Catwalk beauty"

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