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  • Updated:9 Jan 2024
    Size:2.5 GB
    Developer:Level Infinite
  • Updated:Jan 7, 2024
    Size:2.5 GB
    Developer:Level Infinite

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Edit Notes for PUBG MOBILE


PUBG MOBILE allows players to experience the original escape-like battle. There is a variety of cool weapons, players have a very flexible range of weapons to choose from. Players will enjoy the top tier shooting experience, shuttle through different map scenes, find the most suitable weapons for the battle and improve their combat power. Players need to understand and easily kill more opponents so that players can survive to the end and get the ultimate victory.


When players firstly create a character, they can choose either gender, male or female. Players can also choose different face shapes, hairstyles and skin tones. If you don't like the gender you have chosen, you can go to the warehouse interface and enter the "Change Image" option to reset the gender, face, hairstyle and skin color of your character. There are different levels of characters, players can get some experience value through classic mode, entertainment mode, daily tasks, etc. to upgrade their level. When players participate in classic mode, entertainment mode and other matchmaking games, their characters will have 100 points of health and 150 points of backpack capacity by default. Players can enter these maps and collect various supplies to maintain their health or expand their backpack capacity.

Game features

1. You need to have flexible and fast reaction in order to dodge the enemy's attack, and accurate aim so you can also harvest their supplies.

2. Players can drive different vehicles to explore each location, there are more guns in new areas, and players can constantly choose more suitable equipment and accessories.

3. Use various terrain to avoid enemy attacks, cooperate with your teammates to surround the opponents and destroy them all.

4. 100 players are in a huge battlefield. Players survive through strategy and skill to eliminate each other.

5. Realistic graphics and HD audio, unreal engine brings an extraordinary visual experience with detailed rendering.

Game highlights

1. It tests the player's aiming ability, reflexes and your ability to at quickly upon a situation

2. It also tests the player's patience and intelligence. You have to treat different enemies in varying ways, you should usually be calm and have a quiet confrontation.

3. The classic style seems to become more vibrant, if you do not like it, you can try realistic or cinematic style. The new spray paint function is quite interesting!


1. It has high quality graphics as the PC game, both light and shadow effects and the metal luster of the gun.

2. Ultra-clear game combat screen, realistic shooting gunfire effects and an immersive game experience.

3. Each role has a cool appearance, which allows players to have more choices, choose their favorite experience.



1. When looking around in the game, the control may delay.

2. Sometimes you can't see the enemy, flash back for no reason.


Game review

In PUBG MOBILE, the game graphics performance is relatively good. The game's physics engine makes "PUBG MOBILE 1.5 IGNITION" closer to the PC version, the recoil of the game's firearms will make the screen vibration. When climbing hills, the vehicle will have a significant slowdown, parking buffer. Most players think that these physical feedbacks make the game more realistic.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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