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  • Updated:April 28, 2020
  • Updated:April 28, 2020

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Terraria is a 2D sandbox simulation game developed by Re-Logic. The game was originally released on the Windows platform on May 16, 2011. Since then, versions supporting other operating systems, consoles, smart phones and tablets have been released. The game feature of Terraria is to explore, create, build, and fight various creatures in a randomly generated 2D world. The game was generally positively reviewed when it was released, and its sandbox elements were well received. As of April 2020, the cumulative sales volume exceeded 30 million.

Terraria is regarded as a sandbox pixel simulation game similar to the Metroid series or Castlevania X Moonlight Nocturne. Players will protect themselves by discovering useful underground minerals, building buildings and crafting various equipment. Protect yourself from monsters that appear at night or in caves, and fight against nearly twenty powerful BOSS.

At the same time, the game contains different terrains such as deserts, snowfields, woods, and corrupted places. One second in reality is one minute in the game, and the game will have sunrise at 4:30 in the morning and sunset at 7:30 in the afternoon, and the light will be different at different times. At the same time, different monsters will appear during the day and night (such as zombies and other monsters at night).

At the beginning, the player will get a Copper pickaxe, Copper axe and Copper Shortsword, which are used for mining (such as silver and gold ore), cutting trees and fighting. Players can use different resources to make various items such as torches, chairs, etc., to illuminate and beautify the home.

The player also has a health value (Health), which is 100 points at the beginning of the player (represented by 5 heart-shaped patterns). The upper limit is increased by using the life crystals found underground. Each increases the upper limit of health by 20 points. It is 400 points (20 life crystals). After reaching 400 points of health, the player must use the life fruit (after defeating the three mechanical kings (mechanical skeleton king, mechanical worm, twin magic eyes)) to continue to increase the health value, each The life fruit increases the upper limit of life by 5 points, the default is up to 500 points (20 life fruit), and the maximum blood volume can be increased in a short time through the potion bonus. Similarly, there is also a mana value (Mana), which starts at 20, and the magic crystal made from falling stars can be increased to 200. Using specific items such as drugs can restore health and mana, while falling from a height or being attacked by monsters will reduce health. When the health is 0, the soft core character will drop half of the money and respawn at the player’s respawn point. When resurrected, mid-core characters will drop items, and hard-core characters will cause the character to be truly "dead"—all items are dropped, the player becomes a soul form, and the character disappears after exiting. Of course, these properties can be retrieved at the place of death before they disappear.

Players can let the NPC of the game stay in the house built by the player by achieving certain goals (such as obtaining certain money, items, etc.). The NPC will treat the player, provide goods, etc. so that the player can obtain better equipment. At the same time, players can also use specific items to summon BOSS to enhance the challenge of the game. The game will also have random events (such as Blood Moon, when at least one player has more than 100 lives, there is a 1/9 probability that will happen at night) to increase the fun.

After defeating the boss wall of flesh and blood, more game elements will appear, such as the sacred land, the newly generated sacred land and the original corrupted land/blood orangutan land on the map will begin to spread. Of course, monsters will also become stronger. Use the hammer dropped from the wall of flesh to smash the demon altar/the altar of flesh. After smashing the altar, your world will be given more powerful minerals, but it will also increase randomly in the world. A land of corruption/a bloody land.

There are four types of occupations provided in the game, which are fighters, wizards, summoners and shooters. You can experience the content of different occupations by wearing different equipment.

Popular game Minecraft.


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Developer Notes

Re-Logic is an independent video game development and distribution company, known for its sandbox adventure game Terraria.

Producers: Yorai "Yoraiz0r" Omer (program development), Skipphs (program development, website), Victor "Crowno" Moura (original painting, website), Jim T Myhre "Jimmarn" Kjexrud (original painting), Oneman (original painting) , Jamison "Lazure" Hayes (original painting) director Arkhalis (quality director, tester), David "D-Town" Phelps (business director), Whitney "Cenx" Spinks (creative director, lead developer), Andrew "Redigit" Spinks (CEO, Lead Developer) Original Re-Logic music by Scott Lloyd Shelley

Content theme: survival/architecture/adventure player single player/multiplayer online game

Game screen: 2D horizontal plane, 3DS version Naked Eye 3D latest version Windows: (2020.6)). 4)

Android: (disabled)

iOS: (2019-04-19)

Windows Phone: 1.2.0 (December 22, 2014)

Home console platform: 1.06 (June 4, 2015) released the official version

Main role: player/director/businessman/nurse


Name: Terraria

Game type action: Adventure, Independent, Creation, RPG

Content theme: Survival/Building/Adventure

Game platform: Windows/Mac OSX/Linux

iOS/Android/Windows Phone

3DS/Wii U/XBOX360/XBoxOne/PS3/PS4/PS Vita

Belonging Series: Sandbox Game

Release Date: May 16, 2011 (PC)

December 19, 2019 (Switch)

The latest version: Windows: (2020.6.4)

Android: (out of service)

iOS: (2019-04-19)

Windows Phone: 1.2.0 (Dec 22, 2014)

Home console platform: 1.06 (June 4, 2015)

MAC/Linux: (July 24, 2015)

"Terraria" is a highly free sandbox game developed by Re-Logic and released on PC on May 16, 2011. Players can do many things in the game: make weapons to defeat various enemies and communities; dig underground to find equipment accessories, money and other useful things; collect resources such as wood, stone, ores; use everything in the world to create what you need Things and protect them.

A pixel game like Minecraft.

The entire game world is destructible. After destroying certain obstacles, you can find various resources such as stone, wood, iron ore or other equipment. Of course, as you continue to deepen, you will also encounter various monsters. The main task is to allow players to use various resources to create various strange things according to their own ideas, so players are full of motivation to explore. Life on the ground alternates day and night. In the morning, players can run around and build various shelters. When night falls, zombies and various eyeballs will appear, they can only kill them or even escape. However, the dark underground is the real excitement. Players can find some necessities on the surface, but rare materials will only appear underground. The underground world is like a traditional 2D action game. From huge slimes, skulls, worms to all kinds of bugs, it is colorful. If the focus of the ground is construction and exploration, then the underground is where the players fight.


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