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  • Updated:Nov 8, 2021
    Size:143.4 MB
    Developer:Playdead ApS
  • Updated:Aug 30, 2023
    Developer:Playdead ApS

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Edit Notes for LIMBO

LIMBO game is an adventure puzzle game with a very unique art style, the whole game design is very bold, without any dialogue, without any color, monotonous interface design but hidden mystery, one is not careful the game stops here, and therefore attracts many players, special art style, simple operation, carefully designed heavy organs and puzzles all add a lot of color to the game, making it stand out from the many adventure puzzle games.

The game has an unforgettable special art style, simple operation, and well-designed organs and puzzles. However, there is no story element running through the entire game, not even any dialogue, which is quite a bold approach. But LIMBO focuses its details on the puzzle solving process and the presentation of the graphics. The clever design of the puzzles will make you smile, and you will be satisfied with the sense of accomplishment of solving each puzzle; the unique aesthetics create a fascinating atmosphere and stimulate your desire to explore the world. Although you may be a little stunned by the sudden ending at the end of the game, or confused as to what the game is trying to say, LIMBO is still surprisingly entertaining in terms of art presentation and puzzle design.

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