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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  • Updated:December 17, 2020
  • Updated:December 25, 2020

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The commanders in "Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade" are divided into four types: legend, epic, elite, and outstanding commanders. There are more than 40 commanders with diverse personalities for players to choose from. Each commander will have 5 unique skills and different talents for players to collect various commanders from the game to form their own expedition troops, go to battle, jungle, gather, and participate in various activities. The commander of each unit is 1 main and 1 deputy. Players can adjust their troops according to the characteristics of the commanders. Players can collect the corresponding commander image to summon various commanders to use. The commander's method can be obtained through system gifts, treasure chest removal, and participation in various activities. Players can raise stars for their favorite commander by collecting various starlight statues. The commander's lowest star is 1 star and the highest is 6 stars.

There are 4 different types of units in the game, including infantry, archer, cavalry, and siege units. Each arm has 5 different arm types. At the same time, as the arm level increases, it will also have stronger basic attributes.

In terms of movement speed, in order of speed, it is riding, bow, step, and car. Therefore, when using infantry in the game, players should avoid being kite by the archer on the opposite side. Otherwise, even more HP will be very high. It is easy to be killed by slow consumption.

In terms of load, the order of load is car, step, bow, ride. Load is generally used to mine resources. If players want to get enough resources, they must ensure that they have enough siege units.

The various arms have a mutual restraint relationship. Among them, the infantry restrains the cavalry; the archer restrains the infantry, and the cavalry restrains the archer; the siege unit restrains the wall defense, but is restrained by the infantry, archer, and cavalry.


Equipment (3 photos)

The equipment in the game includes helmets, tops, bottoms, gloves, shoes, etc. All kinds of equipment have different wearing level requirements. The higher the level of equipment wearing, the better the effect of equipment attributes.

Players can wear the equipment to the corresponding arms to take advantage of the arms. Part of the equipment wears the designated suit to activate the corresponding suit effect. If players want to obtain various equipment, they can collect the corresponding materials, and then use the "smith shop" in the building to build and obtain various equipment.

In the game, players can consume gems to obtain certain props. Using these props will have a large impact on the production, construction, and military aspects of the player.


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Developer Notes


"Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade" is a mobile game with SLG strategy and MOBA gameplay released by Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd. It was officially tested on September 23, 2020.

In the game, players can choose from 11 civilizations. They need to build and upgrade their own cities, produce resources, research and develop technology, and create troops to make their combat effectiveness stronger. Players can launch one-on-one attacks and resource competitions against the enemy, or gather the power of the alliance to launch a mass attack against the enemy, and annihilate the enemy in one fell swoop.

"Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade" has created a battlefield that players have never seen before-world legendary leaders gather here, Cao Cao, Caesar, Gen Yoshitsune, and Frederick meet in this huge and real world of sandboxes, Gathered under the command of the consul.

As the archon of the heroes, players start from the corner of the map, explore the fog of war, and gather alliance legions; as their strength grows, players will conquer the sanctuary with their alliances, divide territories according to the fortresses, and dominate one side; when the fog disappears, the world The whole picture is revealed, the huge war chess game is presented in front of the eyes, strong enemies surround the surrounding, or unite or conquer.


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