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Top War: Battle Game
Top War: Battle Game
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  • Updated:Oct 8, 2023
    Size:2 GB
    Developer:Topwar Studio
  • Updated:Oct 4, 2023
    Size:835 MB
    Developer:Topwar Studio

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Edit Notes for Top War: Battle Game


Top War is a casual military strategy game. Whether it's buildings or soldiers, you can gently drag and drop them and combine them to complete the upgrade operation. No need to go through long waiting times. Because it is a strategy game, you can line up your troops and deploy your heroes to command the battle as you like, you can gather soldiers to attack the dark legions, or make allies to defend against commanders from other war zones and top the list of the whole service.  Hundreds of military types are waiting for you to unlock, and there are heroes with different skills waiting for you to command! One man's strength may not be enough to defeat a powerful enemy, so you can choose to use intelligence strategies to adjust your strategy in time, or call other commanders to support you. Choose your favored fighting style, fight for territory, and expand your power in the war zone!


Game features

1. Unique and innovative combat style

Navy, Army and Air Force are waiting for your orders. Use your strategic intellect to achieve the ultimate victory on the battlefield in top war!


2. Expand your territory

Defeat the Dark Legion to expand your territory.


3. Merge and Upgrade

In Top War, both buildings and units can be merged together to create upgraded versions! Innovative gameplay with a merge feature that upgrades the game.


4. Play with your friends

Create alliances with your friends, or join an alliance and make more friends.


Game highlights

1. Create alliances with your friends.

2. Join your favorite alliance and meet more interesting people.

3. The help of allies will make you tenacious and prosperous in this war-torn world.

4. You can also get great satisfaction in Top War shoulder to shoulder!



1. User friendly and smooth touch controls.

2. Addictive puzzle game with simple objectives.

3. Click to increase your money.



The server connection is sometimes very slow.


Game review

Top War is a role-playing strategy game, the game uses military combat as the theme background, showing a series of equipment in the war, in terms of painting style, a variety of soldiers, chariots, aircraft, battleships and so on, whether it is buildings, or characters and vehicles are very cute, in terms of gameplay, it is more casual, so how is this game in the end? We can briefly talk about the various features of the game.


First of all is the picture, the screen adopts bright 3D cartoon style, the game's picture is very delicate, and we can also press and pull through the two fingers to zoom in or out of perspective, so that they can control the various situations of the battle more easily. The background music is also very much in line with the various features of the game, the intense and exciting battle with the adrenaline rush inducing music is very exciting and refreshing.


Overall, the game's style of painting and background music really meet my aesthetics, the main gameplay is also very agreeable with my tastes, it is very casual and time-saving, I recommend for everyone to play Top War.

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