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Edit Notes for Fishdom


The Fishdom series of games is one of the most classic triple elimination games, and has passed on the core foundation of "casual fun but brain-teasing" to later triple elimination games! Fishdom is a realistic 3D aquarium game with a variety of joyful game styles and challenges, players should discover more fish, keep eliminating and breaking through to unlock new levels, and progress through the various beautiful contents of the ocean world.


Game features

1. Play hundreds of challenging and fun triple elimination levels.

2. Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate aquariums, all in one puzzle game!

3. Compete with other players to develop your aquarium faster.

4. Grab a diving goggle and enjoy the amazing aquarium image map.

5. Explore an exciting aquatic world with fun talking 3D fish, each with its own personality.

6. You can share your Fishdom with your friends on Facebook!

7. No Wi-Fi or Internet connection required to play.


Game highlights

1. Unique ocean theme takes you to explore the thrilling underwater world, magical and beautiful creatures let you have a visual feast!

2. There are hundreds of challenging and fun levels.

3. Earn gold to decorate the aquarium, clown fish and mermaids and coral are important.

4. More rich theme scenes waiting for you to unlock, in the elimination of the same time to experience the fun of dress up, unlock the pirate ship, and show off your uniquely themed fish box to your friends!



1. It has beautiful and cute cartoon style, taking you into a wonderful aquarium world.

2. It has dazzling elimination effects, elimination challenge is also a visual enjoyment.

3. There is a high level of rich design, which is gradually increasing difficulty.

4. There is also a wonderful plot waiting to be progressed through in the story.



1. You should buy props to pass these levels.

2. The game update speed is relatively fast, so people have not yet adapted to the game.


Game review

First of all, the game takes the underwater world adventure as the background of the story, using a very aesthetic style on the screen, all the props are basically very beautiful, which looks very attractive to the players.


Secondly, the operation of the game adopts the classic triple elimination method, players press and hold an elimination element in the screen, and then swap positions with other items next to it, if there are three or more identical items connected to eliminate. The operation method of the game is the most classic means of elimination, I believe that players who have played elimination games can easily get the hang of it, the only thing you have to pay attention to is to let yourself eliminate as many items as possible at once, so as to get a higher score.


At the same time, the game uses the level challenge mode, players will enter different levels to challenge the task, and most of the characters are different.


Overall, Fishdom is a very good casual game, which adds two elements of elimination and cultivation, and integrates them together perfectly. The game's graphics are extremely beautiful, the underwater light spots make the aquarium become more realistic.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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