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Merge Dragons!
Merge Dragons!
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  • Updated:Jan 15, 2024
    Size:286.3 MB
    Developer:Gram Games
  • Updated:Jan 10, 2024
    Developer:Gram Games

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Edit Notes for Merge Dragons!


Merge Dragons is a strategy game, but also a fun game based on the theme of dragons. In the game, players will come to the world of dinosaurs, where there are hundreds of distinct kinds of dinosaurs waiting for players to collect, players can use resources to make dinosaurs evolve, dinosaurs have a total of eight different forms, and finally can grow into a giant dragon. The game as a whole contains western magic elements, different kinds of dragons await for players to cultivate. Players need to discover the hidden levels, complete the task, and finally defeat the devil and compete for world domination. Meanwhile, the game requires players to raise their own small dragons through a series of mini-games, build camps and cultivate their own dragons, the game is rich in content and is a great game to spend time.


Game features 

1. Collect new types of dragons

Find the 17 species of gargoyles living in the valley, evolve them, make them spend 8 growth stages and finally get new gargoyles!

2. Matching objects

Drag objects around the pretty world at will and match 3 objects of the same species to evolve them into something better!


Game highlights

1. Solve challenging puzzle levels.

2. Collect bounties and various items to help your dragon camp grow.

3. Repeat over 100 levels to complete new missions and earn more rewards.

4. As the dragons and various items become more powerful, they will help heal the land.



1. It has excellent picture quality and high restoration

2. You can play this game easily and smoothly.

3. The dragon is quite cute, so it is a good game to spend time.



1. There is no general icon button.

2. Each item must be ordered separately.

3. The price of the upgrade part and the building part is too high; it is difficult to upgrade when you first to play this game.


Game review

At first glance, most people will think Merge Dragons is a casual game with cute plants, scenes, and a child-friendly design, and it's very first operation is extremely simple, you just need to put three identical items on the map together to eliminate them, the difference is that they will synthesise new items after they disappear. The design of Merge Dragons is very great, each time you pass the level you will reward a different number of stars, these stars can be used to unlock new props, dragon eggs and buildings, which is also very similar to the three elimination games.


However, this is not a triple elimination game, but a perfect blend with business simulation gameplay. After the teaching level, players can unlock the home feature, but before you can use it, you still need to clear the evil mist in your home and heal the contaminated land. In the game, three seedlings can be synthesised into a flower, three flowers can be synthesised into a flower seedling, three grasses can be synthesised into a young dragon, the synthesised flowers can be collected by the young dragon to get the life essence that can heal the land, three life essence can be synthesised into a miniature ball of life with stronger healing ability, and finally synthesised into a statue to pass the level.

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